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Diversión y La Celebración

Posted on May 1, 2012 by under Events, Things to Do.    

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Brian and I met some friends at Suede on Friday night. Andrea and I were celebrating our new Zumba licenses — Andrea her Aqua Zumba certification and Zumba Basic 1 for me. We had such a blast! Gina has the photos to prove it.

2012-04-28 12.06.41.jpg

The next day we did the beginner’s yoga class at Firefly followed by a couples botanical bliss (aromatherapy massage and botanical facial combo) treatment at Serenity. It was my first time back since Fall 2010 (or so my FourSquare says), which was hard for me to believe. After considerable thought though, I realized that it’s probably correct because I went exclusively to Sveta’s last year.

2012-04-28 14.55.24.jpg

It was wonderfully relaxing. The massages were okay (Michael at Sveta’s is still my favorite), but Brian and I really, really enjoyed our facials. Brian almost went to sleep while they were brushing his face. I fall asleep at the drop of a hat, so I think I was asleep for most of the two hours. LOL. I thought the facial was really good, though. One of the best I’ve had. It must have been really good because Brian normally doesn’t like facials and he liked this one.

Speaking of spas and massages, I won the “Write a Review, Win a Massage” contest that Sveta’s ran during the month of April. I know I just had a massage a couple of days ago, but I’m so ready for another one! Woot! Woot!

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