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Getting Raped at the Spa

Posted on October 31, 2008 by under Flickr, Travel.    

Okay, not literally. Brian and I easy targets, though. He picks on me for being gullible, but he is just as impressionable as I am sometimes.

Poker Cruise 3 071 Poker Cruise 3 072

Poker Cruise 3 073 Poker Cruise 3 075

Poker Cruise 3 074 Poker Cruise 3 076

We were told that the best time to visit the spa is while the ship is at port because they offer really good discounts. The prices are so high compared to spa services back home, though. It’s almost twice what we normally pay for so even with half off, you’re still paying what seems like regular price.

Anyway, after dealing for so many hours Brian and I just had to get massages. Plus, it was my birthday so we figured we would splurge.

We had what they call a top-2-toe treatment which consists of a full body massage, rejuvenating facial, scalp massage, and pressure point foot massage. The nice thing was that even though we didn’t book a couples massage, we pretty much had one. Brian and I were assigned to massage rooms right next to each other. They removed the partition so it made one large room (I’m using the word large pretty loosely here, think in terms of cruise ship standards =P LOL). Brian actually didn’t realize it until he turned around.

Poker Cruise 3 078

I had Maureen from South Africa as my spa therapist.
Poker Cruise 3 077

Brian had Marittes from the Philippines.
Poker Cruise 3 079

They both did a great job and were fantastic salespeople. At the end of our treatment, they came back and did some kind of consultation where they tried to sell us seven items. We bought all but one. I think if they wouldn’t have tried to sell us a dozen items, we probably would have done the same and bought everything as well. How can you say no when you’re completely relaxed and high from just having had a massage?

As Brian and I were going down in the elevator after everything was said and done, we looked at each other and wondered “What just happened?” The mind wanted to say no, but the mouth went “Sure. Let’s charge all of it on the sail and sign account.” LOL.

Poker Cruise 3 080 Poker Cruise 3 083

Poker Cruise 3 084

On the bright side, our total would have been almost a grand if not for the $270 discount on our spa treatment. It was regularly priced at $530 but, since we were at port, we only had to pay $260. After the beauty products and gratuities to the spa therapists, our damage came out to about $650. Yup, we are definitely gullible. =P

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