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Steak Plate – Nom, Nom, Nom

Posted on December 30, 2012 by under Food and Drink.    

We braved the cold today and drove to Riverside Park to catch our favorite food truck. As we froze our buns off waiting in line to order and then waiting again for our food to be prepared, Brian was like “This better be worth it.”


Here’s this weeks delicious menu.


As soon as we opened the box containing their signature truffle fries, the delectable aroma filled the car. We both looked at each other and agreed it was worth it.


Brian and I can never get enough of their mouthwatering fries. They are the best hands down. It still amazes me that a little bit of truffle oil, parmesan, thyme, and sea salt can make a dull side such as fries so darn irresistible. These fries are so good that we wouldn’t dare eat them with ketchup. That would be sacrilege!

Every time we eat truffle fries from the Flying Stove, Brian says that he needs to learn how to make them. I’m actually relieved that he doesn’t know how to duplicate these fries because we would both be 300 pounds otherwise! At least this way we only get to enjoy them every couple of months or so and it’s a real treat.


The steak plate is what I was really craving. I saw a picture of it on Facebook the other day and it looked so appetizing. Good thing I wasn’t hungry or I would have eaten my phone. I finally got to try it today and, I must say, it’s as tasty at it looks.

Brian was a little disappointed with the steak being cold. We think that the wind might have killed the warmer. Either that or it was just so cold outside that it couldn’t stay warm. Or we took too long to enjoy the truffle fries (which were made fresh and still hot, by the way) that the steak was cold by the time we got to it. Despite it all, there was no denying its delicious flavor.

If you’ve not tried the Flying Stove, you’re seriously missing out!

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Ching Makes Lugaw

Posted on December 30, 2012 by under Food and Drink.    

Feeling inspired today do I made lugaw.

I had a few hours to myself while Brian hung out with his dad yesterday so I decided to make some lugaw. I had some chicken broth in the fridge that I needed to use. Plus, I wanted to break in the Wolfgang Puck stainless steel cookware set that mom and dad got us for Christmas. Brian’s been using it because he does most of the cooking, but I hadn’t really. This was my chance to play with it without Brian hovering over me and watching every move I make. LOL.


I really have no idea what goes in lugaw so I just started putting stuff in there. My favorite versions of lugaw always have chicken so that’s the meat that you see floating around in there. I mostly used garlic and herb seasoning for flavor, and lots of salt and pepper. I thought it was missing something, so I added ginger powder. I was afraid that I added too much at first, but it actually turned out good. I did add too much basil for my liking, though. I had a can of condensed tomato soup in the pantry that I was going to throw in there as well, but then I stopped myself. It was going to be hard enough to get Brian to eat this as it is; it will be even harder if I make it red. I think that might have tasted good, though.

I like my rice super wet but Brian is not a fan of sabaw. When I had him try it the first time, he liked the flavor but not the texture. I think it was too soupy for him. After resting for a while, the rice absorbed most of the sabaw so when we reheated it later that evening it was just the right consistency for him. He said he would actually eat it again. FTW! Now to think of what to make next…


Christmas Day 2012

Posted on December 27, 2012 by under Family, Movies.    

Just some highlights from Christmas Day…












We opened presents after breakfast. We had no idea that Aunt Sandy and Cousin Tracy had sent us gifts so that was a wonderful surprise. Aunt Sandy sent us a beautiful angel ornament that now adorns our tree.


Cousin Tracy and Jeff sent us a combination wine stopper/pourer and a wine decanter. Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift.

We got lots of goodies from Mom and Dad B that I can’t even name them all. Even though it was just us, it took hours to open presents. When we were finally done, it was time for lunch. Donna prepared a delicious feast. Brian and I ate so much that we didn’t have room for any food when we got to the movie theater.

We selected Les Misérables as our Christmas movie this year, which worked out great because it was what was showing in the balcony and I’m not sure that I could have convinced Brian to go otherwise. Brian despises waiting in line at the theater. Anyway, I absolutely adore the musical specially since Lea Salonga has been a part of it. She played Éponine in the 10th Anniversary Concert (The Dream Cast in concert at Royal Albert Hall) and Fantine in the 25th Anniversary Concert (at the O2). She isn’t in the movie, but she’s the main reason that I’m familiar with the musical. If you are not familiar with the musical or the novel, just follow the links for more information. I also linked to the full concerts in YouTube above for your musical enjoyment.

I thought the movie was pretty good. They told the story pretty well. I was really impressed with the big name actors in the movie. I had no idea they could all sing. Well, except for Amanda Seyfried because I had seen her sing in Mama Mia! I’m glad they kept Samantha Barks as Éponine. She played Éponine in the 25th Anniversary Concert and is amazing.

The two songs that always get me are “I Dreamed a Dream” sung by Fantine and then “On My Own” by Éponine. These solos never fail to make me cry. Of course, you guys know I’m a crier so there were several parts of the movie that moved me. Hugh Jackman is a skilled actor who was quite convincing as Jean Valjean.

Speaking of songs, “One Day More” is another really good one. I cued it to that part in the embedded video above. They did a good job of it in the movie, but it doesn’t compare to the rendition in either of the two live concerts I posted above. Be sure to check it out if you want to see some fantastic singing. These performers are truly talented. I get goose bumps listening to their beautiful voices.

I highly recommend catching Les Mis if you haven’t seen it yet. If you’re a fan of the musical, it may not live up to your expectations. I still found it enjoyable though. Plus, I’m glad they made a movie because it brings the musical to people who wouldn’t otherwise know about it.

Anyway, I was grateful that we caught a matinée because the theater was completely packed when we got out of the movie around 6 pm. It was complete and utter mayhem both inside the theater and outside in the parking lot. There were hardly any parking spots available. It wasn’t that bad when we got there in the afternoon. Brian and I actually got a good parking spot.

Thank you to Mom and Dad B for watching the movie with us and for a wonderful Christmas Day celebration from start to finish. I really hope we get to celebrate together again next year.

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Christmas Morning

Posted on December 27, 2012 by under Life, Relationship, Wishlist.    


In honor of our first Christmas at the new house, Brian and I decided to buy presents for each other that we can exchange on Christmas morning. We never buy presents for each other because we usually just get a joint gift to each other or get a couples massage or take a trip somewhere and call it our Christmas. This year we wanted to do something different.


I get a kick out of being different so I wrapped Brian’s present in a Noodles & Company takeout box.


Brian wanted a new wedding band because his wedding band has gotten too big for his fingers since he’s lost so much weight. He wanted a tungsten wedding band this time around instead of platinum.


Merry Christmas, baby! I love you!

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Christmas Eve – Part II

Posted on December 27, 2012 by under Family, Food and Drink.    

Brian and I had Noche Buena at mom and dad’s house in Derby on the evening of Christmas Eve. As always, mom got a little carried away on the cooking. She had more food than people. LOL.


This is mom’s version of embutido.


Mom’s humba.


I’m not sure why we had ham, but we did. LOL.


I’m not sure anyone had any of the chicken because mom put it in the oven to keep it warm and promptly forgot about it. LOL.




Dad was already playing with the JVC Adixxion HD video camera that Jenni got him for Christmas. Leave it up to dad to rig a mount on his baseball cap so he can film his RC planes and helicopters hands-free while he’s flying them.


The mayhem that ensues when the Cannady kids arrive is always a highlight of Christmas Eve at the Alonso household.


Here’s a picture of the boys opening our gift for them.



Brian and I had a big box so we wrapped all three presents individually and then placed them all in the big box and then wrapped the big box also.



Brian and Logan and Jenni played with Brian’s iPad.


Logan showing off his new calculator watch.


Logan playing with one of QQ’s Christmas presents.

Me and Eli

I know I’m not supposed to play favorites, but Eli is the sweetest of the three boys.


Here he is playing with the new dry-erase/magnetic chalkboard that we got him for Christmas. I think he likes it.


QQ playing with his new RC car.


He actually ran the battery dead that very night.


Logan got a new RC plane so he can start flying with dad.


It’s mayhem alright.


Logan and his gift card, which I believe is going towards Borderlands 2.


It was great to see the Cannadys on Christmas Eve. Mom sent a bunch of leftovers home with us along with our new stainless steel pots and pans which really made Brian’s day. Thanks for another wonderful Noche Buena. Until next year!

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