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Lemon Bliss Spa

Posted on February 14, 2011 by under Travel.    

Back in October I promised Brian that I would take him to The Oread for a spa getaway. I always deliver on my promises, so we found ourselves in Lawrence this weekend. There is a spa conveniently located inside the hotel.

2011-02-13 13.54.21.jpg

Brian had to fill out some stuff because it was his first visit.

2011-02-13 13.51.29.jpg

The massage itself was okay. After the massage I had at Sveta’s last month (thanks to Groupon), all other massages don’t seem to measure up anymore. Brian was a little disappointed with his massage.

His therapist had been smoking right before the treatment and he said she smelled like cigarette smoke. Brian and I often joke about our massages because he usually gets the better massage therapist. He said I got the good one this time. I feel kind of bad. I think I’m going to have a schedule a make up massage. LOL.

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