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Red Lane Spa at Sandals Emerald Bay

Posted on December 10, 2017 by under Travel.    

We didn’t get any spa treatments on this trip because we had an appointment for a couples massage at Sveta’s (our favorite spa here in town) immediately following our return. However, I still wanted to check out the amazing resort spa so I could tell you guys about it. Here are some pictures.


This is the path to Red Lane Spa which is on the far end of the resort, away from the hustle and bustle of the mail pool activities.


This is the bright and inviting lobby.


This is one of several treatment rooms. This one is for couples treatments.


This is the pedicure area.


One of the relaxation rooms (pre and post treatment waiting areas).


I kind of wish we could have taken advantage of the beautiful onsite spa. However, the prizes were just too much. That, and we are very particular about our massages. We have specific people we go to. I’m sure that therapists at the resort are excellent but we are very picky.

We had our couples massage with Mindy and Johnson on Saturday, the day after we arrived back, which was perfect because I always feel like I need a massage after sitting in an airplane for several hours. And, Mindy and Johnson did a fabulous job. It was totally worth waiting until we got back to Wichita.

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