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Emperor’s Japanese Grill

Posted on May 1, 2012 by under Food and Drink, Reviews.    

2012-04-27 19.05.19.jpg

Emperor’s Japanese Grill was disappointing but only slightly. I think it’s because of all the hype. A bunch of people at work really built it up to be this awesome, stupendous place. It was just okay for me.

I guess I should specify which one we went to first. Well, Brian had to drop off a couple of German colleagues (Anita and Mattias) at the airport so we were on the West side of town. Since it was still really nice out, I managed to talk Brian into checking out this model home down the street from Darcy’s house. We ended up stopping by Darcy’s and chatting for a bit after that and then decided to hit Emperor’s on the way home. I didn’t know they had a location on the East side so I thought we were trying something special. Because, you know, East-siders never go West and West-siders never go East.

This place was pretty hard to find. We kept missing their sign on the building. I actually had to call the restaurant and ask how to find them. Even then, we drove around the parking lot a couple of times. Brian and I must have been out of it because it really took a lot to find it and we almost gave up.

2012-04-27 18.45.49.jpg

This is Brian’s I-can’t-believe-how-long-it-took-to-find-this-place face. Actually, I take that back. Brian always looks like this. =P

2012-04-27 18.46.19.jpg

Emperor’s is actually really good in that they have a pretty limited menu. Unlike most Oriental or Asian food places where you have over 100 options to choose from. I think having only a handful of offerings that can be combined to make various food combinations is actually the smart way to go. It’s great value for the money, too. They serve the kind of food that you would get at a Japanese hibachi steakhouse for a fraction of the cost. So if you feel like eating hibachi food, but want it quick and cheap, Emperor’s is the place to go.

Isaac absolutely loves their fried rice, so we ordered chicken fried rice to try it. It was good, but I didn’t think it was as good as the barbecue pork fried rice at Malaysia Cafe, which is one of my favorites. Actually, if we’re talking fried rice then Oh Yeah China Bistro probably has both restaurants beat. LOL. I will have to convince Isaac to give Oh Yeah a try.

2012-04-27 18.50.10.jpg

We also got teriyaki chicken and rice.

2012-04-27 18.52.49.jpg

Overall you get pretty good food for the price. It’s nothing spectacular, though. Definitely not a place that I would drive all the way out West for. Sorry, Isaac. 😉

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