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Archive for the year 2010

The Feifels

Posted on December 28, 2010 by under Life.    

2010-12-25 10.30.22.jpg

Ethan looked really cute in David’s old rocking chair!

2010-12-25 10.34.11.jpg

Christmas was extra special this year because the Feifels were able to join us. They moved back to Wichita from Canada and bought a house here (within walking distance of Brian’s parents’ house). I have a feeling they’ll be sticking around. At least I hope so. It’s really great that they’re here.

2010-12-25 10.27.23.jpg

Thank you so much for spending part of your Christmas Day with us, Chris, Kim and Ethan!

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Pez Porn on Christmas Day

Posted on December 28, 2010 by under Family.    

2010-12-25 09.42.22.jpg

Brian and I got to open our stocking stuffers after breakfast on Christmas morning. We got some games, bottle stoppers, and Pez!

2010-12-25 09.47.25.jpg

Brian got an Iron Man Pez dispenser and I got a Hello Kitty one.

2010-12-25 09.56.23.jpg

Brian didn’t get grape-flavored Pez so he asked for one from my Hello Kitty Pez dispenser, slobbering all over it as he grabbed the Pez with his mouth. So I said, “You’re slobbering all over my Hello Kitty!” I realized immediately after I said it that the statement could easily be taken out of context.

2010-12-25 10.00.13.jpg

As if that weren’t enough, when Brian dropped cherry Pez on the floor, I quipped “Whoa! Don’t lose your cherry!” With quotes like that, “Pez porn” was inevitable.

Anyway, I seem to always unintentionally say something inappropriate. LOL. Good thing my in-laws have a great sense of humor.

NOTE: The “Pez porn” was actually David’s idea. And this was before we got started on the rum and cola! LOL.

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Photos from Christmas Eve

Posted on December 26, 2010 by under Family.    

The Holders: Zane, Apple and Andrew.


Danika and Maryland came out sans Dwayne.


We got Jenni three t-shirts for Christmas. Two of them were decoys.


Her reaction to the real shirt was priceless.



She totally didn’t expect it. It was awesome!


I’m so glad that Jenni is a good sport. She found the shirt just as hilarious as I did.


Zane opening one of his presents.


A photo of Zane with the Mega Bloks (Target) we got him.


Mom got us monogrammed wine stoppers.


I love this picture of Danika.


Danika with her mini play kitchen (Target).



Zane and Danika.


Zane, Apple, Maryland and Danika.


Jenni with the boys, Logan and Eli.


Daddy and Que.


Brian with the boys.




Logan got Black Ops for XBOX 360.


And Crackdown 2.


Eli is soo adorable!


Mom and dad got Matt and Jen a steam vac.


We got Logan a Nano Bridge Battle Habitat Set.


Logan showing off some of his Christmas loot.


Speaking of, I heard through the grapevine (I read it on their blog, actually) that they just got a PS3 to add to Logan’s collection of game systems. He already has a PS2, DSi, Wii and XBOX 360. When Brian found out, he got all excited because now they can be friends on the PS network.

“You should text Logan on his cellphone,” I told Brian. “He would love that. Actually, you should copy Jen C on that.” He is, after all, only ten. LOL.

Eli playing with one of his new toys.



Brian helped Logan put together his new habitat set.



Eli absolutely loved this nano bug thing. He was chasing it all over the basement.




Jenni and Jen C.


Mom and Que.


I have the most well-behaved little nephews.


Eli playing with his Spider-man doodle board that he got earlier that night.


The cool thing is that he sat with me and asked me to show him how to draw some stuff. It was very sweet. Everyone was upstairs, though, so no one saw it. 🙁


Brian and Eli.


Brian and Logan.


I usually ask Jen C what to get the boys for Christmas to make sure I get them something that they actually like. So we got the Bridge Battle Habitat Set for Logan and then some trucks for Eli (that’s what Jen C said he wanted). She said that Que didn’t care what he’d get because he is still too young, so Brian and I decided to go with something practical. We got him a Bundleme. It was a good call too because they were able to use it that very night.


Jen C sent us this picture yesterday. I’m so glad that we got it for them because it looks like they’re getting really good use out of it.

Fwd: New Message

We didn’t go nuts this year like in previous years. We mostly just focused on the kids and got a small gift for everyone else. We got Matt and Jen postage stamps with Que’s photo (Zazzle). I thought they would get a kick out of that.

We got a vest (Banana Republic) for dad to keep him warm while he’s out flying his RC planes and helis, a turtleneck sweater for mom (Ann Taylor), and a Netflix subscription for both of them so that they can take advantage of the Netflix feature on their new TV. Because it’s kind of pointless to have a TV capable of streaming Netflix, if you don’t have a subscription. LOL.

Brian helped dad set up Netflix on the TV so we got to use it that night. We watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and G-Force on instant watch. Logan was in the middle of Battle for Terra when Matthew said it was time to go. It was almost midnight and they still had to set out the cookies and milk for Santa.

Eli and Matthew checking Santa’s whereabouts.


It was getting late. The Cannadys had to go home in time to set out some milk and cookies for Santa Claus.


Brian and I stuck around for a little while after the Cannadys left. We were the last ones to leave. I think it was almost 1 AM by the time we got home. What a night!

P.S. Thank you for our garment steamer, mom and dad. It’s perfect because Brian and I both hate pressing our clothes. We usually just take Brian’s shirts to the cleaners so they can launder and press them for us. That gets to be pretty expensive, though. We didn’t even think of garment steamers until we got one for Richard and Amy (it was on their wedding registry). Ever since then, we’ve wanted one for ourselves. Now we don’t have to buy one! Thank you!

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The Day Before Christmas

Posted on December 26, 2010 by under Things to Do.    

I originally wanted to workout in the morning of Christmas Eve, but Brian talked me into sleeping in and staying in bed to cuddle. I didn’t technically get him a present this year since we are both going to Vegas for New Year’s Eve so I figured my gift to him will be letting him have his way on Christmas Eve day.

Speaking of, Brian and I just had this huge debate about Christmas Eve. He said you can consider the entire day of the 24th as Christmas Eve. That’s crazy! Christmas Eve only applies to the night before because “eve” is short for “evening.” I always make it a point to refer to any other time of day as the morning of the 24th or the afternoon of the 24th or even the morning of Christmas Eve, etc. Brian insists that I can just say Christmas Eve no matter what time it is. I had to look it up and prove it to him.

As always, I turned out to be right. Eve equals the evening before. Hence, Christmas Eve equals the evening before Christmas. Not the morning before, not the afternoon before, not the day before. The evening before. LOL.

So anyway, on the morning of Christmas Eve, Brian and I decided to treat our best buds (the Phelpi and the Dills) to brunch at the Cracker Barrel.

2010-12-24 11.34.22.jpg

2010-12-24 12.19.41.jpg

2010-12-24 11.20.56.jpg

2010-12-24 11.18.43.jpg

2010-12-24 11.11.43.jpg

It was Jay’s idea actually. He called us up that morning and asked if we wanted to go to breakfast. Our options were Jimmy’s Egg, The Good Egg, or Cracker Barrel. I picked Cracker Barrel because (a) I love Cracker Barrel, and (b) I figured that the first two places would be crazy packed.

I went from working out and burning calories to stuffing my face at Cracker Barrel and packing on calories. LOL. It’s all good, though, because we had a great time.

2010-12-24 12.23.29.jpg

2010-12-24 12.24.58.jpg

Incidentally, remember how I had such a hard time finding a holiday sweater? They have tons of Christmas-y stuff at Cracker Barrel. Who knew? Well, maybe everyone but me. I’ll have to remember this for next year. LOL.


Final Installment of the Christmas Recaps

Posted on December 24, 2010 by under Family.    

Christmas Eve


Christmas Day

Click here for the previous installment. Christmas 2010 pictures coming soon. 🙂

NOTE: If you can’t see the slide shows, then you’re probably reading this from Facebook. Click here to visit our blog.

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