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Post-Poker Nightcap

Posted on February 13, 2011 by under Life.    

We had our best buds over for some munchies after poker at Nikki’s last night. I think they all ended up with contact high from a couple of guys playing poker with us who reeked of marijuana. Of course, I got picked on because I don’t know what it smells like. I think I know now. Anyway, if you’re going to smoke that stuff on the way to poker, Jay recommends at least rolling the windows down.

2011-02-12 23.22.47.jpg

Congrats to Becca for making the final table and to Jay for actually cashing last night!

2011-02-12 23.23.24.jpg

2011-02-12 23.24.00.jpg

2011-02-12 23.05.04.jpg

2011-02-12 23.06.53.jpg

Brian and Becca were goofing around.

2011-02-12 23.22.02.jpg

It was quite entertaining, actually.

2011-02-12 23.32.28.jpg

Cory and Brian were looking over Brian’s wine lover’s journal.

2011-02-12 22.49.23.jpg

Brian was quite tipsy before long. He actually had a bit of a reaction last night.

2011-02-12 22.54.01.jpg

Don’t worry. He’s still alive. Thanks to the Dills and the Phelpi for coming over and sharing a wonderful nightcap with us last night. This morning? LOL. Whatever. It was the perfect ending for a fun evening with friends.

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