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Tron Legacy in IMAX 3D

Posted on December 19, 2010 by under Movies.    

2010-12-18 14.04.37.jpg

2010-12-18 14.22.13.jpg

2010-12-18 14.51.51.jpg

Brian and I got to check out the new IMAX theater that just opened yesterday. We went to watch Tron Legacy there this afternoon. The script was somewhat lame and I thought there would be more 3D scenes than there was, but the movie was still entertaining overall. The visuals and the action sequences were great and the musical score was cool. I just didn’t get “wowed” by it. The IMAX theater is huge, though. It is by far the largest screen that I’ve ever seen. That, I was actually impressed with. I’m looking forward to my next IMAX 3D movie.

2010-12-18 14.43.35.jpg

Me, in my goofy 3D glasses. It felt like it was falling off my face the entire time because I don’t have a big enough nose to hold it up.

2010-12-18 14.58.00.jpg

They looked oversized even for Brian’s big head. =P

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