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Abbie Cornish is a Busy Girl

Posted on April 7, 2011 by under Movies.    

2011-04-03 15.26.50.jpg

Brian dragged me to see Sucker Punch at the IMAX over the weekend. It was pretty lame. Save your money and just wait for the DVD release. On the bright side, we did get some good photos of the inside of the theater.

2011-04-03 15.30.52.jpg

2011-04-03 15.30.25.jpg

2011-04-03 15.34.21.jpg

2011-04-03 15.33.02.jpg

2011-04-03 15.33.04.jpg

The last few times we went were during some really popular movies so we couldn’t catch the the theater empty. We lucked out that Sucker Punch was lame. LOL.

Speaking of, we actually saw two Abbie Cornish flicks this week. She’s also in Limitless, which we saw with Misty last night for cheap movie night. Limitless was okay. Abbie look in Limitless reminds me of Charlize Theron, except Charlize is a better actress. I’m not being catty because Abbie split up Ryan and Reese (though, I have to admit, I wasn’t thrilled when all of that stuff was going on — Ryan should have known better), I’m just stating a fact. She’s been somewhat lame lately. I think that’s what happens when you sell out. Then again, everyone has to make a living and we all “sell out” in our own ways.

I really liked Abbie before she was mainstream. I liked her better in Candy (with the late Heath Ledger) and Somersault (available on instant watch on Netflix). Of course, she’s probably making a lot more now.

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