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Working Again (on a Sunday)

Posted on December 19, 2010 by under Life.    

2010-12-19 13.07.53.jpg

This is starting to become a Sunday tradition. An unwelcome one. Yuck.

2010-12-19 13.16.47.jpgBrian has a pretty nifty set up, though. He’s got Pandora streaming on his personal laptop while he’s working on his work laptop. The only downside is that there’s no talking to him when he’s in the zone. LOL.

I’m like, “Baby… Baby.. Baby!” and he doesn’t hear me. I actually have to get in front of his face and start waving my arms like a frantic person in order to get his attention.

By the way, I found some more old Christmas photos to share with you guys. I’m posting them here because I promised that I would post any that I find and I deliver on my promises. Ching delivers on her word. =P


This one was taken December 25, 1999. Brian still had long hair back then.


This one was taken December 25, 2000. The year Brian lopped off his hair.


I had gotten these plaid pajamas for Christmas the year before and I wore them on Christmas Day the following year. For a while there, I was getting PJs every year. And then I would turn around and wear them the following Christmas. LOL. Now that’s a tradition I don’t mind having.

Anyway, break time’s over. I hope everyone is having a fabulous Sunday that doesn’t involve working.

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