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Ghosts of Christmas Past

Posted on December 18, 2010 by under Family, Life.    

Christmas 2000

This is the year that Brian and Matt got their barongs.

Christmas 2000 03

We generally spend Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with Brian’s. We didn’t want Hobbie to spend Christmas Day by herself so we took her with us to Brian’s parents’ house so she could spend Christmas Day with us and the rest of the animals. No one should spend Christmas Day alone.

Christmas 2000 07

Christmas 2000 05

We piled ourselves and all of the presents into Neo, the Neon. The car was packed!

Christmas 2000 02

Brian looks like he’s barely in his 20s, but he was actually 26 in this photo.

Christmas 2000 14

This was also the year that we all went in on a digital telescope for David.

Christmas 2000 10

Christmas 2001

Merry Christmas!!

The first and only Christmas that we hosted at our house. We had both Brian’s family and my family over on Christmas Day. The pictures are somewhere, but I think they haven’t been scanned. I’ll have to check my old photo albums.

For now you can check out pictures of our tree…

Our first and only tree that we've ever put up!

Our first and only tree that we've ever put up!

Our first and only tree that we've ever put up!

Our living room was filled with presents. There was hardly any room for people!

Christmas 2003

I’m not sure what happened to the rest of my pictures from Christmas 2001 and I can’t even find any pictures at all from Christmas 2002. They are somewhere. I just can’t find them right now. Anyway, we are going to fast forward to Christmas 2003.



Logan was only three and so cute and adorable. He is still cute and adorable, but he’s on his way to being a teenager now. How time flies!


As with our tradition, ever since Logan was born, the Cannadys were present for our Christmas Eve celebration at mom and dad’s house.


Logan took this photo of me that is one of my favorites to this day.


Some more photos by the little guy…



By the way, that’s sparkling apple cider that Brian is drinking. We discovered that we liked it after we had some in the limo on our wedding night. They put a bottle of sparkling apple cider in car for us in place of champagne because we told them that Brian is allergic to alcohol. He didn’t drink back then. He didn’t realize that he could drink until recently.


As always, there was an insane amount of presents at the Brubakers’…


There are way too many pictures for me to post here. If you want to see the rest of the pictures from Christmas 2000 or Christmas 2003 just follow the links. When I find the missing Christmas pictures from 2001 and 2002, I will post them here also.

I will be posting other Christmas pictures between now and Christmas Day so please check back for updates. 🙂

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