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Brian’s Visit with the Eye Doctor

Posted on December 12, 2009 by under Health, Life.    

I went to the eye doctor with Brian yesterday. Here he is filling out paperwork.



It was our first visit there so there were a ton of papers to complete. I think we will go there from now on because it’s so close to both of our workplaces.


more test

more test

Brian’s eyes were dilated so they gave him these paper shades.


They actually stay on your head pretty well.

The eye doctor said that Brian’s eye is fine. Thank heavens! I guess it just needs a few days to heal. Now I’m wondering if I should get my skull checked. The dent from when Brian hit my head over a week ago is still there. It might never pop back out. I think my head is permanently deformed. Who would have thought that such a hardheaded person like myself would have a soft skull? LOL.

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