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Time to Buy Some Goggles

Posted on December 8, 2009 by under Health.    

This is how Brian’s eye looked after he had a run-in with the power of Bruce.


Brian half-crying, half-laughing, with an ice-pack to his eye.


We were all really worried about Brian. One of the YMCA reps actually filed an incident report. I was wondering if I needed to take him to the hospital or at the very least maybe convince him to stay home tomorrow. He said he was fine, though.

He was like, “My boss got hit in the eye with a hockey puck and showed up to work the next day. If I tell him I’m not able to show up to work because I got hit in the eye with a racquetball, he’s going to call me a wuss.” Good point. No one wants to seem like a wuss. No one I know, anyway.

Brian hit my head with the racket on Sunday and I was too proud to admit that it bothered me. I wanted to keep playing and so we did. We finished three games. It was Monday night before I even admitted to Brian that my head still hurts. The bump is still there and tender to the touch.

I’m just thankful that it was Brian who hit my head and not Jay. I think that if Jay did it, Bruce would have done quite a number on me and my head might have needed some stitches.

I think Brian’s eye will be fine. It looked horrible at first, but it’s not so red anymore. I was afraid he’d have a black eye tomorrow, but I don’t think it will even be that bad. Definitely going to stop and buy some racquetball goggles before we play racquetball again, though.

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