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Ching’s Adventures at the Eye Doctor

Posted on June 19, 2010 by under Health, Life.    


So I went to the eye doctor the other day and had a jolly good time. You know, I just have a jolly good time no matter where I go. I could be getting a root canal and I’d have a jolly good time, too. Well… Maybe not.

It would have been better if Brian and I could have gone to our eye doctor appointments together as we had originally planned. Except he scheduled the eye doctor appointment for us for June 9 and that just happened to be the day I was helping with the Symphony in the Flint Hills. Brian still went, but he had to reschedule my appointment to the following Wednesday.

It was my first appointment at this new optometrist’s clinic. We used to go to this eye doctor whose office was located outside the Walmart store close to our house. Except when Brian hurt his eye playing racquetball (thanks to Jay) and we had to get an emergency eye check up for him, we could not get in to see our regular eye doctor. We ended up looking for another eye doctor to check him out. That’s how we found this optometrist’s office in College Hill. It’s so close to both of our work places that we decided we’d switch and just go to this eye clinic instead. We couldn’t spell our original eye doctor’s name, anyway. =P

As it turns out, the original eye doctor has moved away and another optometrist has taken over his eye clinic. I had just received notification on this a few weeks ago. Even if we hadn’t planned on switching, we would’ve had to have gone to someone new anyhow. It all worked out for the best.

I really like this new place. They have different equipment and methods than our old eye doctor. Our original eye doctor was pretty young (maybe in his 30s), but the new eye doctor is even younger. She looks like she’s still in her 20s, possibly late 20s. Though most people who live around the College Hill area are old fogies, everyone I’ve seen at the eye doctor’s office seems young. It seems like you have to be a member of Gen Y to work there. I actually feel old just sitting in their waiting room.

So the other day while I was there, they had me take some eye tests. The first one was the one where you look into this thing and you see a white screen with a dot in the middle. Then they have fuzzy little squares pop out at random places and you’re supposed to push the button on a handled thingamabob each time you see a fuzzy square appear. It’s a lot like a video game, but it’s meant to test your peripheral vision. (They make you take the same test when you renew your driver’s license.)

As you know Brian and I are uber competitive with one another, so I was half tempted to ask the person administering the test how well Brian did on this particular eye test so I could make sure to beat his score. Then I realized since he wasn’t there with me, he wouldn’t believe me anyway if I told him that I smoked him.

There is one particular test that Brian can never beat me at — it’s the test where they have dots and then they have numbers in the middle in a slightly different color/shade and you’re supposed to tell what the numbers are… Brian, who is colorblind, always fouls that one up. LOL.

Another test they had was where they displayed these notes and then there’s an arrow pointing above one and you’re supposed to tell which note the arrow is pointing. Similarly, they’ll have a red dashed line going through one of the notes and you’re supposed to tell which one. I fared horribly at this because the display seemed blurry to me and then when I squinted or shifted to see better, the freakin’ line or arrow would move. It would move every time so it was always pointing at something different. The whole time I was thinking, “Is this a trick?”

Another one I couldn’t do is the test for depth perception where they have these sets of four circles and then on the first set you’re supposed to tell which one of the four circles was floating above the others. They all looked the same to me. I guess that means my depth perception sucks. I already kind of knew that, though.

My eye doctor’s visits didn’t really yield any surprises. I pretty much knew I had crappy eyesight. My vision is fantastic up close, though. The only problem I have is with seeing things that are far away. (I’m nearsighted.) My prescription is higher now than it was, but not by a lot. I can still use my old glasses as back up. I am going to go back to wearing contacts, though. I’m just not a very good eyeglass wearer and my glasses pretty much just stay in my purse most of the day.

The only downside is now I have to get new sunglasses. My current sunglasses have a prescription on them so I won’t be able to wear them if I’m wearing contacts. I guess that’s not really a downside because then I have an excuse to buy fancy new sunglasses. There’s just not that much selection when it comes to prescription sunglasses. Not the variety that’s available in regular sunglasses, at least. It will be fun shopping for new sunglasses. I’m getting excited already.

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