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Ching is a Cough Syrup Junkie — NOT

Posted on March 21, 2009 by under Health, Life.    

Your body CAN and WILL go on strike if you don’t take of it. I had this tickle in my throat for over a week that I didn’t do anything about. Finally, my body gave me the finger and took matters into its own hands. My body hit me will full force and gave me everything — coughing, sore throat, fever, congestion (loogies lots and lots of loogies), headache, muscle ache — all at once and took me out of work for three days. On top of it all, I had no sense of smell or taste so being sick took all the fun out of eating. Brian forced me to eat all of my meals, though. He came home for lunch each day to supervise my medication (he is afraid that I might get addicted to Codeine) and ensure that I didn’t miss any meals. No such luck on losing weight the three days my body was on strike, unfortunately. No thanks to Brian.

I don’t understand this medicine-rationing, though. I have a whole freakin’ bottle of it for cryin’ out loud! Although without Brian coming home for lunch each day, I’m not sure I could have taken the medicine every four hours as directed because I haven’t mastered the art of opening the stupid childproof medicine bottle. Actually, it was more like every five to six hours in my case: in the morning before Brian leaves for work, at lunch, and then at night when he arrives home. I normally ask him to wake me up for medicine before he goes to bed around 10/11 pm. That’s pretty much right on schedule, about four hours after my last dosage.

He thinks I’m going to turn into a cough syrup junkie. I have no idea why.

The weird thing about the medicine I’m on is that I can usually feel it wearing off after three hours. My throat feels sore again and I get really congested. At three and a half hours, I’m already begging Brian for another dose. Although he always makes me wait until he comes home for lunch or for the day, or at least four hours if he’s already home.

On the first night, I woke up around two o’clock in the morning. I didn’t want to wake Brian so I administered it myself. I don’t know how I managed to open the bottle that time. I haven’t had much success or luck since (except for about an hour ago when I took some). I guess it’s pretty hit and miss. The more frustrated and impatient I get about not being able to open the bottle, the less like I am to succeed at actually opening it — much to Brian’s satisfaction.

Beer with a codeine chaser - picture by RialynnHe thinks I’m going to turn into a cough syrup junkie. I have no idea why. That stuff is nasty. The only reason I take it is because it makes me feel better. I wouldn’t take it at all if I were well.

You know, I wonder how much of its effects are psychological? I took some over an hour ago and I’m still awake. I should be passed out right about now. I took the medicine in the dark though (Brian is still fast asleep), so I didn’t get the full visual of the plastic bottle and the yucky orange liquid it contains.

Then again, I’m almost well. I have some throat tickle and congestion, but nothing at all like what I’ve had the last couple of days. I was mostly taking it for the purpose of getting knocked out so I can go back to sleep. Before you worry that I’m turning into a junkie as Brian feared, let me assure you that I took a regular-sized dose of one teaspoon. I didn’t take half the bottle in one chug so don’t go calling the cops on me. Anyway, no luck on the sleep part. That’s why I’m awake and typing away at the computer.

I think it is safe to conclude that a regular dose has zero effect on someone who is well or somewhat well.

I think it is safe to conclude that a regular dose has zero effect on someone who is well or somewhat well. I’m guessing that’s why the junkies have to take the entire bottle in one sitting. It’s still a pretty cheap fix. My prescription only cost $5 at Walgreens. It may be even cheaper if you go to Wal-Mart, I think they have $4 prescriptions there. You’ll never find me abusing that stuff though, because I think it’s gross. It’s better than taking medicine in pill form, I’ll grant you that. I hate taking pills. And, I will take as much of it as I can to get me better. That’s it, though. As soon as I’m better I’m done.

I believe I am at that point. I still have some congestion and I don’t sound like me, but I think I’m well enough that I don’t need to take the Codeine any more.

The worst part of this whole ordeal is that now that I’m better, Brian is sick. He’s been coughing all night and is running 100.3 temp. Whatever it is that I had and am getting over, he now has. I wish that we could have gotten sick at the same time and just had it over with. Then again, when I’m sick he takes care of me and when he’s sick I can take care of him. If we are sick at the exact same time, who will take care of us? LOL.

[ Okay, the worst part of it is that we missed our window of opportunity for nookie. We had a small window when I was almost better and before Brian got sick, but it coincided with the two-hour series finale of Battlestar Gallactica and we all know what happened. Prior to that I was too sick and too gross to engage in any kind of amorous activity. Besides, Brian was trying to stay away from me so as not to get himself sick. Though it was all in vain it seems because he got sick after all. Now he is too sick and weak to do anything. Alas, we have another dry spell ahead of us. ]

I suppose everything happens for a reason. I’m grateful that I didn’t get hit with anything serious and that I’m on my way to being myself again. I hope that Brian recovers in less time. Get well soon, baby.


I can’t believe you’re reading this. Since you insist, let me begin by saying you were warned.

I hocked up this huge loogie in the shower yesterday. When I say loogie, I don’t mean like a spit ball. This thing was all phlegm and was the consistency of pudding. It actually felt like tapioca pudding coming out of my mouth. Brian says that it’s a good thing when you expel loogies because it means that you are getting rid of the bad stuff in your lungs and throat. This thing was really scary, though. It was the size of a large grape and was so big that it couldn’t go down the drain all at once. I thought it was brownish in color, but since I don’t smoke maybe it’s just a gross yellow color that I mistook for brown?

Anyway, I had to look up loogie on Google because I wasn’t sure how to spell it and stumbled upon this interesting blog entry from 2005. Almost four years later, loogie still remains in the slang realm. People use the word loogie all the time, but it’s not an actual world.

I suppose I should stop using the word loogie (since we’ve just determined that it’s not officially a word) and use the word phlegm, which is what I really mean when I say loogie. Check out Wikipedia for more information about phlegm. By the way, mine was bigger than the one shown in the photo (if you can bear to picture it) and is kind of like that color. Is that yellow or brown?

Why does the color matter? Well, supposedly the color of phlegm you expel is a good indication of the type of illness you’re suffering from. I came across helpful information about what the different colors of phlegm mean on so I thought I should share it with you guys. I know that this blog entry has been gross, but I hope it has been educational as well. Until then, stay healthy and be safe. =)

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    Jennifer Cannady  on March 23, 2009

    Hey. How did you do the block quotes in there? Is that just a jpg you inserted or is that some kind of ‘format’ plugin?? I like it!


    Jennifer Cannady  on March 23, 2009

    Ummmmm, got your email. Where did you drop the code for it?

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