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My Poor Baby is Sick

Posted on March 23, 2009 by under Health.    

So Brian ended up catching whatever it is I had last week after all, despite his best efforts otherwise. Here’s how our conversation went on Saturday, the first day he realize he’s officially sick:

BRIAN: I hate you!

ME: Why?

BRIAN: You got me sick!

ME: It’s not my fault you caught my cooties. I suppose it is inevitable. We share the same bed, after all. Besides, you’re the one who started it!

BRIAN: What do you mean?

ME: You traveled to a foreign country and brought their germs back with you.

BRIAN: I wasn’t sick when I returned.

ME: No, but you had GERMS because you came from GERMany where they have MANY GERMS!

Bwa ha ha hah ha ha! Sometimes I just crack myself up. =P

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