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Update on Ching’s Health

Posted on December 20, 2009 by under Health.    

I wouldn’t call myself a numbers girl, but I do like to use charts and graphs to explain things. It helps me to understand my behaviors and attitudes.

I invited Brian to play racquetball with me today. He’s like, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m better.”

“How do you know you’re better?”

You all know that I hate taking medicine, right? My reluctance/willingness to take medicine decreases/increases as my level of misery increases as shown in the graph below. Today when I was taking my daily dose of DayQuil, it took me a couple of minutes to shore up my distaste for medicine. Whereas before (when I was really, really sick), I was drinking DayQuil like they were shots of [insert your favorite liquor here]. LOL.

Anyway, my point is: I must be better because I’m back to hating medicine again!


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