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Health Update

Posted on September 24, 2011 by under Health.    

The medical bills continue to pile in. The credit card is definitely getting a good workout. I suspect there will be more to come as time progresses. I’ve always felt blessed with good health. It’s ironic that I’m having to go to the doctor so much these days. This is definitely a reality check. For those of you reading this, take care of yourselves. Do not take your body for granted.

No word yet from Dr. Zayour. We were hoping we would get an answer by the end of this week. No such luck. Brian said that could be both good or bad. Good in that there isn’t anything so pressing that they have to contact us right away. Or, it could be very bad that they have to double and triple check stuff before they break the bad news to me. As for me, I think it could be just that they are backlogged and haven’t been able to get to my test results.

On the bright side, I hit 120 lbs yesterday. It took me a couple of weeks but, by golly, I did it. John challenged me to drop from 124 lbs to 120 lbs about a couple of weeks ago. He wanted me to drop 4 lbs in one week, which is a huge challenge for me. My weight-loss has been so gradual so far that I usually only drop about a pound a week. I was so happy when I stepped on the scale last night and saw 120 lbs for the first time in years. I’m also glad that I was able to do it despite some nutritional challenges like meetings and work functions. I think my Invisalign probably made a difference. It is such a hassle that I honestly do not feel like eating. It’s working like an appetite suppressant in some ways.

So last night was my final personal training appointment. Those 24 sessions went by really quick (about three months). I think it was because I was seeing John twice or sometimes three times a week, whenever my schedule would get wonky. We didn’t get to my original target weight of 115 lbs but, amazingly enough, I don’t feel like a failure. On our very first session, when we were talking about goals I told him that I wasn’t really as concerned about what the scale said as much as just looking and feeling better in general (which I think I have achieved). He told me that I will probably look and feel better at 120 lbs with some muscle tone than I ever did at 115 lbs. Now that I’m at that point, he is absolutely right. I feel really good about the progress I’ve made.

I’m still about 20 lbs heavier than when Brian and I first met, but I don’t think I want to be 100 lbs again. My new goal that I’ve been working toward halfway through our training and these last few weeks is 110 lbs. I’m hoping to lose ten more pounds by the end of the year. I think I can do it. So anyway, even if my days are numbered, at least I’m going to look absolutely freakin’ fantastic at my funeral.

Kidding aside, with renewed focus on my health, I’ve added a couple of things to my Amazon wishlist. Once the credit card is caught up (which may not be for a while – ugh), I want to get an Omron BP785 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor to keep an eye on my blood pressure. They always tell me at the doctor and dentist that my blood pressure is perfect, but I know now that it is on the low side and I don’t want it to get too low. I also want to purchase an Omron Fat Loss Monitor at some point, because your weight isn’t really as meaningful as your body composition. Someone who is 115 lbs with only 15% body fat is going to look ten times better than someone who is 100 lbs with 35% body fat. You might not realize it when they have clothes on because clothing can be very deceptive. Trust me, though. Naked or in a swimsuit, less body fat wins every time. So ladies, stop worrying about what that darn scale says! I don’t have a bathroom scale here at home (we got rid of the old one we had when we moved last year) and I don’t plan on buying one. It’s that insignificant.

John and I came up with a workout plan last night to help me lose the last 10 lbs that I want to get rid of, but that’s really a pretty loose target. I will try my best, but I’m not going to cry if I’m not at 110 lbs by the end of the year. Mostly I deal with lbs when I’m trying to lose weight because it’s easy to step on a scale and get a figure. I don’t take it too seriously, though. I’m planning on scheduling another fitness assessment with Jodi in January to see where I’m at (here’s the results of my last one, in case you are curious) and then schedule one annually each January after that. She does the skin folds test using calipers so it’s more accurate than an Omron device, which can easily be affected by your level of hydration for that day/moment.

Anyway, the future looks bright. I feel blessed to have lived a wonderful life so far and look forward to many years of good health and beautiful memories ahead of me. Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

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