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My “Art by Amy” Scrabble Tiles Necklace

Posted on February 9, 2009 by under Life.    


My “Art by Amy” Scrabble tiles necklace arrived on Saturday. I was so excited! Brian and I went to Wal-Mart and picked up a jewelry tools set for me so I can attach the tiles to the chain.

I am so totally addicted to “Art by Amy” stuff. My favorite part is how you can mix and match sentiment pendants and different baubles and different chains and silks to create your own unique necklace.

Sunny is actually the first to get me into “Art by Amy” jewelry. She wore her “Poker Slut” sentiment necklace and her “Butt Necklace” (both “Art by Amy” pieces) on the cruise. She purchased them from The Pink Boa. I told her that I had never been there so she picked me up from my house and took me there one day.

I ended up coming home with a Pink Panache necklace and the “Poker Slut” sentiment pendant with two silks: one red and one black. Little did I know that would only be the beginning. Since then I’ve added a “C” initial pendant and a fleur de lis pendant to my growing “Art by Amy” collection. Most recently, I added the Scrabble tiles necklace.

If you want to give the special woman in your life something special, please be sure to check out The Pink Boa. The have the best selection of girlie items in town, bar none. I can’t wait to purchase my next “Art by Amy” piece.

BTW, Amy will be at the River Festival this year. I’ve never met her before, but I found this video clip (from almost ten years ago) in Google. I can’t wait to meet her and by new stuff. Enjoy the video!

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  • Replies to "My “Art by Amy” Scrabble Tiles Necklace"


    Rose  on November 11, 2009

    Once upon a time Americans stood up and boycotted brands that assaulted the values we hold dear. I for one think that this is a far more valuable tool than allowing such companies to operate with their complete lack of ethics, while we turn a blind eye and purchase products from people who make us sick. It is this kind of complacence that sat idly by while CEO’s simultaneously “earned” multi-million dollar salaries and drove the companies they were entrusted with into bankruptcy.

    I had the extreme displeasure of meeting Amy at a recent show. It was a rare family “girl’s day out,” and as such we posed for a picture to commemorate the moment. After losing two family members in one short year, we cherish every photo. A horribly rude pink haired women (Amy) stomped out of a nearby booth, demanding that we were “attempting to steal her ideas” by taking our photo in the vicinity of her booth, and insisted that we delete the photo immediately. When we kindly told her that we did not realize her booth was in the background, and that we would not take any more photos in this area, she threatened us, saying that she would “escort” us to the information booth if we did not comply. When we refused to be intimidated and manhandled by this INCREDIBLY RUDE and NASTY woman, she followed us around the show for nearly an hour as though we were criminals.

    Among the ladies who were with me were a town council member, a recent PhD graduate and class valedictorian (also an active sorority alumna who will be sharing this story with the entire sisterhood, past and present, nationwide) and a boutique owner scouting talent (you can bet that Amy will not be invited to sell her wares). None could believe the lack of taste we saw from Amy that day.

    I would NEVER buy ANYTHING from someone with NO sense of basic human decency, much less courtesy or kindness to her potential customers. I hope that you too, will consider that excellent customer service is a keystone of a successful business and re-evaluate whether this merchant’s behavior is in keeping with the values you hold dear.

    Thank You.


    Sheila Keith  on December 13, 2009

    In reference to the comment about Amy being rude: I have been to many jewelry shows where Amy was selling her jewelry. I can say that she is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I am not related to her, do not know her personally, just purchased jewelry from her at many shows. In her defense, many people do try to copy her work. She is very creative and her booth is the “hit” of every show. Unfortunetly, many people try to sneak pics of her jewelry and her booth so they can reproduce it. I have witnessed other jewelry makers trying to steal her ideas because she is an amazing artist. All of the shows I have been to have prohibited cameras in the building because of that reason. Every once in a while someone tries to sneak a pic and break the rules-that’s when the vendors get upset…not just Amy, but anyone selling jewelry will not allow pics. It is unfortunate that you and your family had that experience.


    Joey  on July 5, 2010

    i like amy’s design!!! how i envy you that you can see her show!!!how i wish i would be there everytime. maybe we share some comments. i just found a good fewelry site and would like to share it with you:
    add me and let’s talk more, ok?


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