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My New “Art by Amy” Initial Pendant

Posted on January 18, 2009 by under Wishlist.    

my new Art by Amy pendant

I took Brian to the Pink Boa yesterday after my waxing at Beau Monde. I’m happy to report that, although he really enjoyed looking at all the novelty items in the store, he did not grow breasts as many have warned me might happen.

Anyway, my main purpose in going was to drop off my “Poker Slut” pendant so that they could have Amy re-solder the top corner. It had cracked and I didn’t want to wear it for fear of it falling off and breaking into a million pieces. I think I’m being overly paranoid about the whole thing, but I love the pendant so much (it has the “Poker Slut” large rectangle pendant with dice and royal flush baubles hanging on the bottom ~ it is just like the one Sunny has only better) that I figured I’d better be safe than sorry.

Steph took down my phone number so that they can call me in a few weeks when it is ready. It has only been a day and I can’t wait to get it back already.

In the meantime, I bought two more pendants at the store while we were dropping off my other one for repair. I got an initial pendant (pictured above) and a fleur de lis. I figured I could wear both with my silks that I had purchased to go with the “Poker Slut” pendant.

I didn’t intend to buy more stuff, but it’s hard to go to the Pink Boa and come home empty-handed. They just have such cool stuff. You won’t be able to help yourself. That’s my excuse, anyhow.

We were cleaning the room this morning and I found some brown suede cord necklaces. I tried it with the initial pendant and it doesn’t look too bad. I love that about “Art by Amy” stuff. Everything is interchangeable. Change the cord or silk and you have a totally new and different necklace. Plus, you can combine different pendants and baubles to create your own unique necklace.

I am totally addicted to “Art by Amy” stuff now. I want to create one using the heart necklace chain (the ones they sell at Pink Saloon) with “B” and “C” scrabble tiles on either side of the heart. Don’t you think that would look cool? I think that is what I will ask for on V-day. Hopefully, we won’t be too broke around that time.

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