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Brian is a Credit Card Nazi

Posted on February 10, 2009 by under Life.    

As you all know, Brian and I are anti-credit card. We have been since we racked up tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Now that we are out of credit card debt (most of it shifted to my student loans, mainly) we don’t want to get back into it. Therefore, we only have the one credit card. He is convinced that he is more responsible than I am. Although, I have changed a lot in the last five years. Right now he is the only one with a credit card.

Before we would use our credit card only once in a while. Maybe every couple of months or so, if we have a big ticket purchase. Last year, I managed to convince Brian to use the credit card for our day-to-day and monthly expenses because we can earn points faster that way. I assured him that we would pay off the balance each month. It would be just like if we were paying out of our checking account, but with a couple of key benefits (1) we will be earning points, and (2) we’ll be balancing our checkbook less frequently.

I begged and pleaded with him to do this several times over the last couple of years. He always refused. We would get so frustrated having the same arguments over and over. After asking him for the umpteenth time last year, he finally relented.

So for the last several months that’s what we’ve been doing, earning quite a few points along the way. However, we still only have the single credit card. So if I have to get gas for myself (like when Lila and I were driving home from Topeka a couple of weeks ago), rare as these times may be, I have to use my debit card because I have no credit card at all. It irks when when I have to use my debit card because I get no points out of it.

My plea to him for the last couple months has been to give me a credit card of my own or allow me to apply for one. The answer has always been no. He says he fears that I will go nuts and revert back to my old ways. I think he keeps refusing my request because it gives him power over me or a greater sense of control, imaginary as it may be. I mean, I have our credit card number (including the three digit security code) memorized so if I wanted to go nuts I could easily do it. I haven’t and I don’t plan to.

Anyway, he got this new credit card in the mail today. He started freaking out immediately. I think he thought that I applied for a credit card without his knowledge.

ME: I think it’s a replacement for our credit card.

BRIAN: Our credit card doesn’t expire until next year!

ME: It has the last four digits of our BOA World Points card on the letter. Read it. I think it’s some kind of upgrade. Maybe the $7500 that we charged for the plumbing got their attention?

BRIAN: They are replacing our card. (He confirmed that my observation was correct, but he was mad that the new card has upset the balance of our single-credit-card-world.)It’s a Visa Signature card I didn’t ask for this!

ME: I think the new card comes with nice perks. (I was trying to calm him down, but I also had another motive.) Can I have the little mini one that goes in your key ring?

BRIAN: It still has my name on it. You wouldn’t be able to use it. Besides, I was already going to get you your own card.

ME: Really? Like, for Valentines Day?


ME: That’s all I’ve ever wanted!

Some women get jewelry. Others get flowers. All I want is a piece of plastic. I can’t believe it. My very own credit card!

LOL. I think the biggest factor in Brian letting me have my own credit card is his trip to Germany. He wanted to make sure I had a credit card of my own in case some sort of disaster happens. Otherwise, I think I’d still be credit-card-less in 2009. Have you ever met a credit-card-less 30-year-old woman (okay, I’m really 31 but I stopped counting at 30)? It’s almost unheard of! I might as well be a unicorn!

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