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New Jewelry

Posted on February 5, 2011 by under Shopping.    

2011-02-02 07.10.12.jpg

I got this new necklace to add to my ever-growing Art by Amy collection. The only thing that wasn’t part of the necklace that they created for me is the fleur de lis charm. I had purchased it a couple of years ago during one of my first trips to the Pink Boa. I usually just wear it with a silk, but I thought I would make it part of this new necklace.

This necklace actually had a different set of pendant and baubles. It had “Grandma” and stuff on it and cost like $110. After we disassembled it and put charms that I had specifically picked out, and after the 20% discount (they were having a rare sale last weekend that actually included Art by Amy stuff), it actually cost much less — which worked out perfect for me.

The new pendant reads “Wine much?” on the front and “She was a glass 1/2 full kind of gal” on the back. I thought that sentiment suited me better than “Grandma” – LOL. They ended up putting that pendant on a pearl necklace and it actually matched that chain better. It worked out for everyone.

What I really like most about Art by Amy jewelry is that the necklace or bracelet you make is completely unique. There won’t be any other necklace or bracelet like mine because of the pendants, baubles and charms I’ve chosen. You get to exercise some creativity and express your individuality. And, the girls at the Pink Boa will help you assemble your jewelry so that it looks right and doesn’t end up wonky. I think it’s awesome! I wish I would’ve thought of it.

2011-01-31 17.36.47.jpg

Not to be left out, I got some bling for my phone too. I ordered it from the same place that I got some additional toe socks for Brian (thanks for the tip, April). Not that my phone really needed jewelry but, at least now, Brian and I can tell our phones apart. Mine have balls. =P

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