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Brian is an Easy Mark

Posted on February 8, 2009 by under Life.    


The ShamWow guy at the HBA home show is by no means a fantastic salesman, yet he managed to con persuade my husband to buy his product. Brian was completely convinced it was a great deal. He got two sets for only $20, after all. I knew we should have deposited his poker winnings in the bank. Having cash in his wallet is like holding sand in your hands: here today, gone tomorrow.

I had heard that the ShamWow doesn’t really work as great as they say it does so maybe the sales guy deserves more credit for his very convincing sales pitch. Either that, or Brian is just an easy mark.

Kidding aside… On the bright side, he did get two sets so now we have one and his mom and dad has one. If anything, at least it’s affordable.

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