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The Village

Posted on August 1, 2004 by under Movies, Things to Do.    

We went to see The Village today at 13th Avenue Warren.  When we arrived, we saw Brian’s dad’s truck in the parking lot.  Brian was like, “How much do you want to bet they’re also here to see The Village?” As we were walking up the balcony steps, we call his dad but there is no answer on his cellphone.

“Maybe they’re already in the middle of their movie?”  I asked Brian.  “Nah.  I think they’re in A6 (the seat next to ours because we got A7).”

I guess they were short-handed because normally someone greets you and takes you to your seat right away.  After several minutes of waiting, his dad comes walking out. Brian and I look at each other and bust up laughing as Dave confirms that they are, in fact, sitting in seat A6.  It was a really funny coincidence!

The Village was pretty good.  Not what most would expect but, if you have ever watched any other M. Night Shyamalan movie, you wouldn’t be surprised.  His movies are kind of weird and seem to always have an unexpected twist at the end.  This one was no exception.  As always, it will make you think.  Try not to think so hard, though, because I did and almost gave myself a headache doing so.

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