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Michelle Monaghan

Posted on October 19, 2008 by under Movies, Reviews.    

Just finished a Michelle Monaghan movie marathon. First, we caught The Heartbreak Kid (2007) on Showtime. I had seen it before, but Brian hadn’t. I watched it one night at poker while waiting for Brian. I had gotten knocked out early (really early), while he made it to the final table. Needless to say, I had hours to kill. Luckily, he had some movies I hadn’t seen yet loaded on his Cowon. I got to watch both Juno and Heartbreak Kid that same night.

Heartbreak Kid was okay. It’s not one of Ben Stiller’s best. I totally loved Juno, though.

Made of Honor (2008) arrived in the mail today. Brian says he rented it for me, but I think he secretly wanted to see it. He won’t admit it, but he’s a sucker for romantic comedies. Anyway, we figured we’d watch it before bed. We didn’t realize until the movie started that the female lead is played by Michelle Monaghan also. She’s been in a lot of movies!

The movie was better than I expected. It was nice to see Kevin McKidd, though his was more of a supporting role. I really loved him in Rome, the one TV series that got us to sign up for HBO — which we promptly canceled after the series ended. Incidentally, we’ve got HBO again because of True Blood.

What I liked about Made of Honor is that it’s light and heart-warming; there were some funny moments, but they weren’t over-the-top funny; and it totally proves my theory that men and women cannot have platonic relationships. Sooner or later the truth comes out that one or both have feelings for the other person. What I didn’t like about it is that it romanticized being a man-ho, like it’s totally acceptable.

I guess it gives hope to the lonely man-hos of the world. You too can find true love. After all, everyone deserves a shot at happily ever after right?

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