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3 Down, 8 More to Go

Posted on June 12, 2009 by under Movies, Wishlist.    

Brian has made it his mission in life to make me watch all 11 (I’m counting the new one by J.J. Abrams also) Star Trek movies in sequence. We watched the prequel on opening weekend with Chad, Jan, David and Donna. That has inspired us to put the other 10 Star Trek movies on our Netflix.

Each of us… at some time in our lives, turns to someone – a father, a brother, a God… and asks… “Why am I here? What was I meant to be?”

So far we have watched Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan. I liked the former because of its philosophical nature, but the latter was far more entertaining. The latter had better effects, too. Still hokey, but far less hokier than its predecessor. I also thought Ricardo Montalban did a great job as Khan.

I think what I liked most about Wrath of Khan is because I now understand some of the references they used in the new movie, particularly the references to the “Kobayashi Maru” simulation. I love the continuity of the Star Trek movies. It seems like, no matter when the movies are made/released, the movies all fit together nicely like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

I didn’t want to watch all of these Star Trek movies at first. I thought they would be boring. Two movies into it, though, I find myself lost in the Star Trek universe. Now I understand why Trekkies are so into them. It makes me want to relive the whole Star Trek Experience all over again.

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  • Replies to "3 Down, 8 More to Go"


    Jennifer Cannady  on June 19, 2009

    WOOPEEE! I’ve seen them all and every bit of it! Good luck!!! 🙂

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