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Archive for the year 2002

Casio Exilim S2

Posted on December 11, 2002 by under Wishlist.    

While we’re on the subject of wishlists, I’ve been drooling over the Casio Exilim S2 (or M2, either one will do) ever since I’ve seen the first commercials.  I’ve tried to pacify myself with minor substitutes but it does no good.  I still want one really, really bad!  Too bad I don’t have $300 to spare.  Why, oh why, do I have to be such a camera fiend!? I don’t even take great photographs!  Grrr!

By the way, did you know that in the Japan they sell them in fashion colors pepper red and ice blue?  I think here in the US we’re limited to boring silver.  Tell you the truth, I’d settle for boring silver at this point..  I just want one, period! Wanna see what all the fuss is about?  Look below.

 Casio Exilim S2

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Protected: My Red Corset

Posted on December 7, 2002 by under Sex.    

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Sim City

Posted on December 1, 2002 by under Games.    

It’s hard to believe it’s already 10:30 PM. Brian has been playing Sim City for the past five hours now. I have to admit, he’s got me playing it now too. He burned a copy of the game for me so we can both play at the same time. But I draw the line at three hours. I stopped playing a couple of hours ago.

My town (which I’ve aptly named Ching City) was at 1.2 million, the population was around 50 to 60 thousand (it constantly fluctuates) and the residential, commercial and industrial taxes were at 0% — and still the town continued to make money. The yearly revenue was about 5 thousand or so. It helps to have a casino that generates income, plus parking fines! Ha! Who needs to make deals with the neighboring cities? Anyway, I’m not a pro or anything but you’ve got to admit that’s pretty good asset management! If only life was that easy. Everything was pretty much status quo with Ching City so I just decided to save the game for another day.

Brian on the other hand started over because his town ended up losing a bunch of money. I think he was down to his last 50 thousand when he canned it and built a whole new city altogether. He’s still playing the game behind me on his computer. It’s days like these when I’m thankful that I’ve got my own computer to play on, otherwise we’d be arguing over whose turn it was to use the computer right about now. He’s totally hooked on the game! He’s almost forgotten about Vice City (his other addiction). I say almost because he’ll be playing it later in the bedroom when I beg him to come to bed with me. He’s always playing some form of computer game at any given point. It’s very, very sick. I don’t really mind, though. At least he’s not surfing for porn on the internet!

The last four days have been so wonderful. Even though Brian had to work (except on Friday and Sunday, his days off) we still got to spend a lot of quality time together. Plus, I got some much needed rest from work. Although I really wanted to work on Thursday and Friday (both paid holidays, at 2 3/4 pay, that’s mucho bucks), I’m glad now that I didn’t get scheduled to work. Sometimes we don’t realize when we need a break until we have a nervous breakdown. Thankfully, it hasn’t reached that point but I am relieved for the time off. I’ve enjoyed it so much in fact, that I’m reluctant to return. Oh why, oh why can’t we just be independently wealthy? I could really use more days like today: Brian and I slept in until noon, he didn’t shower with me today though which was a bit of a disappointment (but we showered together yesterday, so it’s okay), checked out Patrick Duegaw’s art exhibit at Fisch Haus, played some Galaga and Hot Shot (a basketball game) at the arcade, watched Treasure Planet, pretended to be mayor of Ching City for three hours and now, blogging leisurely about my day. The next five days will be really crappy in comparison.. Except for Saturday, which is our employee holiday party at the Broadview. Brian, Jen, Mom and I are all attending and I’m hoping that it’ll be loads of fun!

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On Immaturity

Posted on November 30, 2002 by under Life.    

We don’t need any children to mess up our house! We do a good enough job of messing it up ourselves! Sometimes I feel like Brian and I are just two children masquerading as grownups. The really sad part is that we don’t even try. It’s almost as if we’re flaunting our childishness in the face of all sane, functioning, law-abiding citizens in this land.  I don’t think we’ll ever grow up.  Not even after we have children of our own (if that day ever comes). While this thought brings me considerable trepidation, it merely amuses Brian.  He’s actually proud of the fact that we’ll be eternally young (after all age is but a state of mind and as far as Brian and I are concerned, mentally we’re still about nine — well, maybe five in Brian’s case). To some degree is this wonderful but it does make me wonder. Are we doing ourselves disservice by refusing to progress though life as our peers have? I’m not saying that I’m looking forward to the days when I’ll be wearing Lands End and Depends on a daily basis because I’m not (honestly, I hope I never have to wear either of the two).  The fact is that we both could use a little maturity.  Brian will disagree though, I’m sure. I think he is perfectly happy being five.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Posted on November 28, 2002 by under Family.    


Today I’m going to make sweet potato with marshmallows, my humble contribution to the Thankgiving lunch that Brian’s parents are hosting.  Brian baked chocolate cake (devil’s food cake) with chocolate frosting (yummee!) the other night (yes, he was baking after he got off work — it was one am and he was baking) which we are bringing also and I think we’re going to bring a couple of bottles of sparkling apple cider (my new favorite drink).  Last year we were completely hooked on Welch’s sparkling red grape.  This year it’s sparkling apple cider.  Since Brian doesn’t drink and I drink only occasionally, we try to sample non-alcoholic beverages and usually we’ll find ourselves hooked on something delicious. 

Who needs champagne when you’ve got sparkling apple cider?  It looks the same but it tastes way better! Brian invited mom and dad to come. It’s funny because he told them to be there a half an hour earlier than they’re supposed to so that they wouldn’t be late.  Brian is well aware of “Filipino” time and planned for it.  Hopefully, they won’t get lost.  I think I will call them again tomorrow to give them last-minute directions.

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