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On Immaturity

Posted on November 30, 2002 by under Life.    

We don’t need any children to mess up our house! We do a good enough job of messing it up ourselves! Sometimes I feel like Brian and I are just two children masquerading as grownups. The really sad part is that we don’t even try. It’s almost as if we’re flaunting our childishness in the face of all sane, functioning, law-abiding citizens in this land.  I don’t think we’ll ever grow up.  Not even after we have children of our own (if that day ever comes). While this thought brings me considerable trepidation, it merely amuses Brian.  He’s actually proud of the fact that we’ll be eternally young (after all age is but a state of mind and as far as Brian and I are concerned, mentally we’re still about nine — well, maybe five in Brian’s case). To some degree is this wonderful but it does make me wonder. Are we doing ourselves disservice by refusing to progress though life as our peers have? I’m not saying that I’m looking forward to the days when I’ll be wearing Lands End and Depends on a daily basis because I’m not (honestly, I hope I never have to wear either of the two).  The fact is that we both could use a little maturity.  Brian will disagree though, I’m sure. I think he is perfectly happy being five.

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