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Happy Thanksgiving

Posted on November 28, 2002 by under Family.    


Today I’m going to make sweet potato with marshmallows, my humble contribution to the Thankgiving lunch that Brian’s parents are hosting.  Brian baked chocolate cake (devil’s food cake) with chocolate frosting (yummee!) the other night (yes, he was baking after he got off work — it was one am and he was baking) which we are bringing also and I think we’re going to bring a couple of bottles of sparkling apple cider (my new favorite drink).  Last year we were completely hooked on Welch’s sparkling red grape.  This year it’s sparkling apple cider.  Since Brian doesn’t drink and I drink only occasionally, we try to sample non-alcoholic beverages and usually we’ll find ourselves hooked on something delicious. 

Who needs champagne when you’ve got sparkling apple cider?  It looks the same but it tastes way better! Brian invited mom and dad to come. It’s funny because he told them to be there a half an hour earlier than they’re supposed to so that they wouldn’t be late.  Brian is well aware of “Filipino” time and planned for it.  Hopefully, they won’t get lost.  I think I will call them again tomorrow to give them last-minute directions.

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