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Fall 2012 Parade of Homes

Posted on October 16, 2012 by under Things to Do.    

Misty, Brian, and I had a great time looking at houses on Sunday. We even ended up in Benton purely by accident. By the time we realized we were headed to Benton, we were already committed and it was too late to turn back. On the plus side, we got to check out this beautiful house situated on 2.5 acres at Stone Post Farm.

2012-10-14 14.48.08.jpg

Brian enjoys checking out the houses on the Parade of Homes for ideas. For instance, he wants to do something like this in our basement because we have a huge storage area behind the bar that has great potential.

2012-10-14 14.18.23.jpg

Our favorite house, out of all of the houses that we saw on Sunday, was the waterfront house on Driftwood at Harbor Isle. As soon as you walk in the front door, you’re greeted by the amazing view of the water.

Incidentally, it was at this house that we found an invitation to a Halloween party down the street. Brian and I are already going to Hideki’s Halloween party that same night (and he throws amazing parties) and also RD’s County Line in Mulvane for The Fabulous Fleshtones’ Halloween party, but I really want to go to this other Halloween party also mostly out of curiosity. I really want to see the people’s house down the street and I’m very curious what kind of people live in these amazing lake houses.

Brian says that seeing the invitation doesn’t mean that we’re invited to the party. Although, I think that was clearly the intent of leaving the flyer there for the public. What do you think? Do you think Brian is right?

By the way, if you haven’t checked out any of the houses on the Parade of Homes yet, you have one more weekend to do so. The Parade of Homes continues this Saturday and Sunday. We may visit some more houses that we had to skip on Sunday in the interest of saving time so maybe we’ll run into you.

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