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Fall 2010 Parade of Homes

Posted on October 27, 2010 by under Things to Do, Wishlist.    

Brian and I really enjoy the Parade of Homes. It’s like cheap entertainment for us. Misty likes going also, but I don’t know of anyone else who enjoys it as much as we do besides her. Anyway, here are some of the things that I would love for my future house to have… (I can dream, can’t I?)

2010-10-17 13.58.09.jpg
… an outdoor fireplace and built-in grill …

2010-10-17 16.56.25.jpg
… a huge bathroom so that I can dance around while I get ready in the morning …

2010-10-17 14.00.23.jpg
… a large shower that can fit a basketball team, preferably with multiple shower heads so that Brian and I won’t have to fight over who gets the water …

2010-10-17 14.03.12.jpg
… a large walk-in closet with a built-in shoe cabinet …

2010-10-17 17.01.40.jpg
… a home theater room with stadium seating …

2010-10-17 17.06.05.jpg
… a covered deck with a nice view of the lake …

2010-10-17 17.34.48.jpg
… a large enough living room so that we can have half a dozen guests over to play Rock Band and not feel so crowded …

Brian wants a TV in the shower, but it’s not really a must for me.

2010-10-17 15.32.04.jpg

I’ll probably never ever ever own the house of my dreams. Oh, well. At least I can live vicariously through the Parade of Homes twice a year. LOL.

Ever since we learned that my friend Misty enjoys checking out the Parade of Homes, the three of us have been going together. She’s just as curious about how the affluent people of Wichita live as we are. =P

Check out Misty and Brian are staring at something below. I don’t know what they are looking at… Probably the manabloc. Brian always likes checking out the utility room in the basement. He fancies himself as some sort of plumbing expert ever since he started working for Viega and he is totally fascinated by the manablocs. LOL.

2010-10-17 14.10.10.jpg

Misty pretending to pour a drink. LOL.

2010-10-17 17.03.35.jpg

We had a lot fun checking out the Fall Parade of Homes. Looking forward to doing it again this Spring. Misty, are you in? 😉

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