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Ching Plays Fifth Wheel

Posted on October 15, 2012 by under Confessions, Food and Drink.    

I had a great time hanging out with the Dills and the Phelpi at The Port of Wichita on Friday night, despite being the fifth wheel since my hubby was out of town on business. The Fabulous Fleshtones performed out there on Friday night and were awesome as always. I hadn’t heard them perform in a long time and it was very nice to see everyone. Doug’s wife Tammy was even there that night.

2012-10-12 23.11.43.jpg

2012-10-12 23.04.12.jpg

I was very bad that night and ate like a pig. I inhaled chips and salsa, and scarfed up my crispy chicken sandwich like I hadn’t eaten in days.

2012-10-12 20.43.45.jpg

I don’t know what it is, but I’m inclined to pig out when people around me are actually trying to eat healthy. What is wrong with me?

2012-10-12 20.58.18.jpg

The food wasn’t bad, but I was very disappointed that they no longer served the fried veggie platter, which was my most favorite appetizer to get over there. I had my heart set on stuffing my face with battered and deep fried broccoli, but I was denied. What a bummer! I had to settle for chips. That might be a sign, though. Someone up there is looking out for me and keeping me from getting fat. They’ve got their work cut out for them, though. LOL.

Port of Wichita Galley & Pub on Urbanspoon

The Port of Wichita is actually a fun place. I used to think of it as a biker bar, but lots of different types of people go there. Not just bikers. Unlike other bars, the food is actually decent. And, the live music on weekends is a bonus. Show up before 8:30 PM and you won’t have to pay cover.

We almost had to pay cover on Friday night because Jay and Becca got lost picking me up. We got there at 8:29 PM and Jay managed to talk them out making us pay. LOL.

April hadn’t seen the house yet and, even though Jay, Becca, and Cory had already seen the house, it was everyone’s first time coming over since we moved our furniture in, so we decided to all hang out at my place. It worked out great because I conveniently live down the street from The Port now.

April, Becca, and I headed home first around 11-ish. The guys followed an hour later. They took forever because Jay got lost again. LOL. We talked to Brian who was watching us through the home security system.

We spent most of the time hanging out on the back deck because it was a beautiful evening. The fireplace provided enough warmth to make the deck cozy. Except, we realized that our house is not kid-friendly at all when I singed my hair. I was standing in front of the fireplace and I guess leaned back just enough for my hair to land on the fireplace. The metal is so hot that it singed my hair. It made a sizzling sound and made a disgusting the burnt hair smell. I had no idea that the metal would get that hot. I can just picture kids burning their hands on the hot metal of the fireplace. Good thing Brian and I don’t have any children or we would be in such big trouble. We’d probably be frequent customers at the local ER.

Anyway, thank you to Cory, April, Jay, and Becca for keeping me company on Friday night. Although you guys did keep me up so late that I felt like poop the next day and never made it to Zumba (thankfully my own Zumba class was canceled that day, but I did want to go to Gina Ann’s class — unfortunately, I didn’t feel well enough to be be able to go). So yeah. Not only did I eat horribly all weekend, but I also skipped my workouts. I was a total bum. =P

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    Jay  on October 15, 2012

    I’d like to set the record straight. I only got lost once, the second time was all Cory doing his own thing and not paying attention to my very clear post bar directions.


    Ching  on October 20, 2012



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