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Weekend vs. Work Attire

Posted on January 10, 2012 by under Outfits.    

This is how I dress on weekends…

2012-01-08 16.51.03.jpg

This is how I dress at work…

2012-01-10 07.11.26.jpg 2012-01-10 07.12.31.jpg

I prefer to dress pretty conservatively when I am at work, so I have clothes specifically for work and clothes for everyday life. There are some articles of clothing that can overlap (like cardigans and such), but in general these don’t mix. Even on our jeans days (when I can be more adventurous in my clothing choices), I stick to very strict dress rules. Thus, I have some jeans that I will never ever wear to work (e.g. ones that are distressed or worn-in or have holes, even if these are intentional because of the style).

Today I realized that I’m not alone in my wardrobe philosophy. Contrary to popular belief, “business casual” does not mean “anything but jeans.” I think sometimes people forget the “business” part. There is a clear distinction between “business casual” and “party casual” and “weekend casual” and there are other people (besides me) who can tell the difference. What a revelation! Now I don’t have to feel like such a nerd for dressing like a nerd at work. LOL.

Who cares if the people at work think I dress boring or lame? I can dress fun too, but you’ll have to come to Suede on a Friday night to see it. 😉

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  • Replies to "Weekend vs. Work Attire"


    Jo Alonso  on January 11, 2012

    I dress “sloppy” when I am underpaid. (Philippines). I dress “snappy”, I am having an interview and may soon be leaving my cheap “boss”. “Boss” gets the hint and gives Jo a raise. Life was simple, then.

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