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Speaking of Clothes

Posted on August 20, 2011 by under Life.    

I’m at that awkward stage in my weight-loss where some of my clothes look like absolute crap on me because they’re way too big and then other articles of clothing look better on me than when I first bought them. Overall the stretchy pieces of clothing are great because they tend to fit a wider range of sizes. They’re basically looser on me, but still look great. I guess when I used to wear them before, they just stretched to fit me. Now they don’t have to stretch as much.

Just a few of the dress shirts I'm getting rid of..

The biggest problems I have are with my button up shirts. I gave a few to mom last weekend. These were Eddie Bauer and Lands’ End “small petites” that no longer fit. I guess I’m an “extra small petite” now. Although, not all sizes are created equal, and Eddie Bauer and Lands’ End clothes tend to run large. So I think I’m still a size “small” at most stores.

The downside is that our company store, where we get logo shirts for work, runs a lot like Eddie Bauer and Lands’ End so none of my work logo shirts fit me any more. Not necessarily a bad thing, considering that there is one particular shirt that Brian wants me to burn. LOL.

A couple of weeks ago, I was wearing one of my work logo shirts, which was too big on me. I whined, but wore it anyway because I didn’t really feel like rummaging through the closet for something else to wear. I looked very yagit in my over-sized clothes that day, by the way. Brian was like, “Are you sure it’s not a men’s size small?” I laughed and pointed out to him the vertical seams that are supposed to make the shirt more fitted. Men’s shirts don’t have those.

After that, I was really excited to wear this one blouse that I hadn’t worn in a year or so because the sleeves were too tight. It was a brown, short-sleeved blouse with cuffed sleeves. My arms were always too fat for me to be able to button the sleeves so I used to wear the blouse with the sleeves unbuttoned. After wearing it a few times, I thought the unbuttoned sleeves looked ridiculous so I quit wearing it.

“I can finally wear that one blouse now that my arms are smaller,” I told Brian. Much to my disappointment, now that sleeves fit, the body is too big. At least I could wear it before with the sleeves unbuttoned. Now, I can’t even wear it at all! LOL. That went in the “give to mom” pile.

Another blouse that I was excited to be able to wear again was this white, textured blouse. It fit absolutely perfect when I first bought it at the Ann Taylor Factory Outlet at Legends. After I washed the blouse, it shrank a little. I could still wear it, but I couldn’t wear a camisole underneath because then the blouse would be way too tight. I could wear it without a camisole underneath, but didn’t really look that great. I really liked the blouse though, so I didn’t want to get rid of it. I pulled it out of the closet the other day and it actually fit me perfect!

August 18, 2011

I wore it with dark jeans the other day and Brian really liked the way I looked, so we took a photo. Our dress code is usually business casual, but we’re raising money at work so we’re having some jeans days in exchange for donations. I didn’t wear jeans on Monday and Friday this week (mostly because we were doing interviews), but I’m pretty much able to wear jeans everyday for the next two weeks.

But I digress… I have a few clothes that are still wearable and others that absolutely need to go. On Sunday, I’m taking a pile of mine and Brian’s clothes to Derby so that mom can send them to the Philippines or do with them what she wishes. It usually upsets me to have to get rid of clothes. Not this time around, though! 🙂

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    Jennifer Cannady  on August 22, 2011

    Look at THAT sexy body! Zumba boom boom!!!!!!

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