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Spanish is Cutting Into My Zumba

Posted on November 14, 2011 by under Things to Do.    

Beginning in January, I’m going to attend Spanish on Monday nights. This means no Swing or Zumba. It’s tough enough alternating between the two. Now I have to throw Spanish in the mix. Ugh.

Incidentally, I missed my friend Rene’s Zumba debut. Gina Ann said he came to class tonight. And I wasn’t there to see it because Brian and I were at Swing lessons.

I missed Zoe’s Group Power class tonight also because I opted to tag along as Brian ran errands. Our first stop was at the mall to exchange a jar that Brian thought had been tampered with. Then we went to pick up Brian’s dry cleaning. I was actually looking forward to that because I was planning on stopping by Wild at Heart while Brian was at In the Bag. I was bummed when we got there because the store is closed. I think they’ve consolidated everything at their West location.

2011-11-14 18.05.44.jpg

We did discover a new wine place, though. It’s called Extremo Vino and it’s really neat. I love that they have a record of all of your wine purchases, which you can access through their web site. You can also leave comments about the various wines and read recommendations and feedback from other people. Prices are comparable to Groves according to Brian. With this new place being more modern and hip, I think our regular trips to Groves may be a thing of the past. Specially since Extremo Vino is just down the street from us. You all need to check it out. The selection is great and the people are super nice. I think we’ve found a new favorite liquor store!

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