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The Bermuda Triangle of Wichita

Posted on November 20, 2011 by under Life, Shopping.    

This has been a crazy week for losing stuff. Thankfully, lost items were eventually found. It’s been really weird, though. I feel like I’m in the Bermuda Triangle or at least my stuff is…

Brian and I remembered to pick up his clothes from the cleaners on Monday night, but we forgot to pick up my clothes from the tailor on Tuesday night. I think it’s because we were dead set on working out, after having skipped the gym on Monday to run errands. So on Wednesday, we decided that we would pick up my clothes over our lunch hour. This way, we could go straight to the gym from work without having to make a side trip. (We wouldn’t be able to pick up my clothes after working out because then the place would be closed.) I really didn’t think it would be a problem picking up my clothes during lunch since I figured that we would be at the shop five minutes, tops. No such luck.

For a while there I thought that Alterations by Sarah had lost my clothes because the girl couldn’t find them. I would have been really mad too, because the two skirts I brought to them were my favorites. Thus, the need for tailoring. The other clothes that I didn’t really care too much about, I’d already taken to mom’s. These were skirts I actually wanted to keep. The pants were a brand new pair of suit pants from J.Crew that I had just purchased. I hadn’t even worn them yet. They’re supposed to be 2P, but they were still too long. What can I say? I’m a midget.

After over half an hour of waiting at the shop and watching another customer pick up their tailoring and leave and listening to her call their other location in desperation, it turns out that she just didn’t know what she was looking for. She kept insisting that one of the skirts that I had dropped off was brown. Of course, she couldn’t find them. Neither of the two skirts I dropped off were brown. I wish that she would have just come right out and asked me what my garments looked like because then I could have described them to her and, thus, saved us all valuable time. Why are people too stubborn and proud to ask for help? After I told her what the skirts looked like, she found them without any problems. Although, when she was checking us out, she still insisted that the patterned skirt was brownish in color. The only explanation Brian had after we left is that she is probably colorblind and has no idea that she is. “Although I’m colorblind and I can tell those are black,” Brian added. I told Brian that if she’s colorblind then she needs to find another job because she has no business working for an alterations shop. There was no reason that it should take almost an hour to look for something. The thought of them losing my stuff really freaked me out. That, and the fact that their front desk person may or may not be colorblind just doesn’t instill a lot of confidence in me so I’ll never ever go back there again. I did get a couple of good recommendations from my friends on Facebook.

Quick Stitch
550 North Rock Road
Wichita, KS 67206
(316) 630-0074

Rigo Suave Creations
9918 East Mount Vernon
Wichita, KS 67207
(316) 691-8720

Personally, I think I will probably use Quick Stitch in the future. Brian was really pleased with how his suit alterations turned out. Our friends Jay and Stephanie have also had work done there and have both been really pleased. It’s also conveniently located in the Northeast part of town, which is our comfort zone. Vanessa says Rigo is really good so that may be worth checking out, too. Just whatever you do, don’t go to Alterations by Sarah, unless you want to be traumatized.

Speaking of traumatic experiences, that’s nothing compared to what the US Postal Service put me through this week. A package that I had purchased from eBay was supposed to have been delivered at 3:30 pm on Wednesday, but I never got it. The tracking information on their web site said that it was delivered. I checked with our leasing office after work on Thursday and first thing in the morning on Friday and they didn’t have it. (I wasn’t feeling well so I went ahead and took a day of vacation. I don’t like using sick leave when I can avoid it. I figured I would use the vacation day to run some errands and deal with the post office to figure out what happened to my package.) At this point, I was really worried that my package was stolen.

When I called the post office, the rep told me that I would hear from the supervisor either later in the day or first thing the next day. I ran my errands and waited for a call all day on Friday: nothing. By the time I went to the gym around 9:00 am this morning, I still hadn’t heard from the post office. Right before Zumba, I asked Brian to please call the post office to follow up on my missing package. I’m not sure what he told them, but my package was delivered around noon today. We just happened to be home from the gym and getting ready to go to the movies. Apparently, the mail carrier put it in the box for 1305. I’m not sure how because the correct unit number was clearly marked on the box. Anyway, I’m not sure what happens when the incorrect recipient decides to keep the package (not that the people in 1305 would do anything like that) but I’m glad that I don’t have to find out. It was quite an ordeal just getting the post office to look for my missing package; I can’t imagine the amount of hassle I’d have to go through to get them to replace it.

The one thing I learned from this experience is that you shouldn’t wait too long to contact your local post office when you realize that your package is lost or “misdelivered” as they like to refer to it. If you call within a couple of days then there is a great chance that the mail carrier will remember what happened to the package. If you wait a week or longer then they are a lot less likely to recall what they did with the package, let alone what it looks like. It’s a lot like abductions in that sense, I guess. After 48 hours, the trail gets cold. At any rate, I really hope that our mail carrier starts paying better attention because I’ve got a few more packages coming and I really don’t want to go through this again. =P

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