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Spanish Immersion – Street Spanish

Posted on August 7, 2011 by under Tagalog.    

Here are some Spanish colloquialisms that we picked up at the free Spanish immersion class yesterday at Spanish Horizons.

NOTE: I’m posting this for Paige because she couldn’t make it. She still donated school supplies, though. She’s just awesome like that. I brought in her stuff and let Brian bring my donation in so that he could participate in the free Spanish lesson.

¡Hola compa! Hi pal!
¿Qué onda? What’s new?
¿Qué tal? How are things?
¿Qué tal la fiesta? How’s the party?
¿Qué tal los chicos? How are the boys?
¿Cómo te ha ido? How have you been?
¡Oye! ¡Oiga! Hey!
Te amo. I love you. (romantic sense or deep love)
Te quiero. I love you. (friendly sense)
¡Qué guapo/a! How good looking!
¡Ojo! Watch out!
¿Te gusta…? Do you like…?
Me gusta… I like…
No me gusta… I don’t like…
Déjeme en paz. Leave me alone.
¡Deje de molestarme! Stop bothering me! (almost looks like “Stop molesting me!” – LOL)
¡Basta ya! Enough already!
Buena suerte. Good luck.
¿Cómo se dice…? How do you say…? (this is a really useful phrase)
los chavos the guys
fulano/a unfamiliar guy/gal (someone you don’t know)
a toda madre great, fantastic
chulo/a cute, good looking
‘mano, ‘manito bro/brother, little brother
‘mana, ‘manita sis/sister, little sister
quizas maybe
simón oh yeah (variant of sí = yes)
porfa please (from por favor)
mamacita literally little mama; can be used with affection or referring to an appealing woman, but has a sexist connotation

The word mamacita made me think of “Ay Papacito” by Alicia Villarreal. It’s one of the songs that we Zumba too in Amie and Gina Ann’s classes. We actually used it as our cool down song in Amie’s Zumba class this afternoon.

Speaking of Amie, she actually called me a mamacita today. I think she meant it as a compliment. At least, that’s the way I took it. 🙂

Bad Words
Because you know that this is really want you want to know… =P
mierda shit
cabrón son of a bitch
pendejo asshole
pinche damn
culo ass
perra bitch
puta whore (same in Tagalog)
chinga fuck

Vendla didn’t teach us the bad words. There were kids in the audience. They were listed on the handout though, for those who are curious and want to learn them. Brian promptly made fun of me over that last one because I go by Ching or Chingay and it’s only one letter off from the Spanish cuss word. I didn’t know this until yesterday, of course. Had I known, I would have picked a different nickname. Actually, my grandmother is the one who started the whole “Ching” thing when I was little. They all called me “Ching-Ching” in Tabuc. I don’t think anyone knew any better.

The only cuss word that I was familiar with already is puta because it is the same as the Tagalog word for whore. Suerte is also familiar because it means luck in Tagalog. Except, I think we spell it with a “W” like swerte. Gusto is similar in Tagalog as well. We say gusto ko for I like or gusto mo for you like. Guapo is the same in Tagalog but, as with the word for luck, I think we spell it with a “W” also like gwapo. The tagalog word for beautiful is maganda, but in Bisaya we always say gwapa. As much as Spanish has in common with Tagalog, it has even more in common with Bisaya.

I think that my ability to speak Tagalog and Bisaya has really helped me pick up Spanish a lot quicker. I expect to be pretty fluent in a couple more classes. I’m really looking forward to being able to hold Spanish conversations. Now I just need to find someone to practice with!

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