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Fight Night at Jen and Armando’s

Posted on November 13, 2011 by under Events, Family.    

2011-11-12 21.33.51.jpg

Brian opted to skip the tapas class at Taste & See because he didn’t want to be late for fight night. Although the main event didn’t actually start until about 10:30 pm and I’m pretty sure the tapas class would have finished in plenty of time, going to Jen & Armando’s early proved to be a good choice. Armando gave him a Pilipinas jacket that was perfect for the occasion.

2011-11-12 19.11.53.jpg

Brian was super thrilled. Thank you, Jen and Armando!

2011-11-12 19.12.26.jpg

2011-11-12 21.13.48.jpg

It was not one of Manny’s best performances, but Marquez is a tough competitor. He’s the only one I’ve known to give Manny trouble. All of Manny’s previous opponents have been no match for him. This made for a really great, exciting fight. Either boxer could have taken the match at any time. In fact, many people, including Marquez’ team, felt that he should have won. He certainly fought well. Manny threw and landed more punches, though. Two of the judges gave him the match, while the third judge called it a draw. It wasn’t the decisive victory that either camp was looking for so I’m pretty sure these guys will meet again in a couple of years for part IV of this ongoing boxing rivalry/saga.

2011-11-12 20.53.37.jpg

Thank you again to Armando and Jen for hosting the event and having us over. We had a great time! Maybe we can return the favor for the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, if it ever happens. Hopefully, we’ll be in a house by then. 😉

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