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What I Wanted vs. What I Got

Posted on April 16, 2009 by under Wishlist.    

I have been wanting this heart link jewelry at Tiffany & Co. for a while now. I just can’t bear to part with $750 for sterling silver jewelry (total for the earrings, bracelet and necklace). Here are some pictures of the jewelry that I wanted.

Tiffanys Tiffanys



TiffanysAs you can see, the jewelry is just so pretty. It’s hard to resist. I would have been all over this stuff six years ago, just charging away. Fortunately, I have more self control now. I’m also a lot more resourceful. Everyone knows that if something is fabulous, someone else will copy it. There’s always knock offs. So guess what. I found them!

The knock offs I found are sold at Eve’s Addiction. Check them out.

Tiffany knock off at Eve's Addiction Tiffany knock off at Eve's Addiction

Tiffany knock off at Eve's AddictionThe knock offs resemble the originals pretty well. From a distance, you can’t really tell they’re fake. So anyway, through sheer resourcefulness I managed to get all three pieces for under $100.

The downside is that the quality of the necklace is not that great. You get what you pay for, I suppose. The necklace is pretty flimsy and not as substantial as the original, which I have seen in person incidentally. The concierge at Courtyard Topeka was wearing it a couple of months ago when we stayed there. Hers are the real deal, gifted to her by her husband last Christmas.

I wish the necklace was half the quality of the bracelet. Though the design is the same, the bracelet is more substantial and heavier in weight. The chain it self was the same, but the little heart and open hearts of the bracelet were thicker than the necklace.

Of the three pieces, the earrings were the best. The earrings were thicker and heavier still. I would guess that the earrings are pretty close to how the real necklace and bracelet would feel. Although, I can’t really know for sure since I don’t have the real Tiffany jewelry here for comparison.

I was very pleased with the earrings and satisfied with the bracelet, but the necklace was a disappointment to be honest. I wish it was heavier/thicker. Oh, well. It is fake after all and only a fraction of the cost of its authentic counterpart. Maybe someone will buy the real necklace for me. ~hint~ ~hint~

He will have plenty of opportunity since we have our anniversary (August), my birthday (October), and Christmas (December) still to come this year. I hope he remembers. =P

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