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2010 Bradley Fair Summer Concerts Week 2

Posted on June 12, 2010 by under Date Ideas, Things to Do.    

Unlike the Symphony in the Flint Hills, the Bradley Fair summer concerts are free and only a couple of minutes drive from our place. During the first week of the 2010 concert series, it was just Brian and I with a couple of sandwiches, some Pringles, and our water bottles. We rode our bikes to Bradley Fair that day and after having to bike home in the dark that night after the concert, we decided that probably wasn’t the best idea. (Note to self: invest in headlights for our bikes.)

This time around, we brought a cooler for our Pepsi, deli spirals (Sam’s Club), water, blue chips, salsa, spinach dip, plastic cups, paper plates, several picnic blankets, our folding chairs and on and on and on.. We weren’t sure who was going to show up and we wanted to be prepared for anything (or anyone). Well, actually, there were two people we knew for sure would be there. Brian made a date with Don, someone he made friends with the week before. Brian is probably the most social anti-social guy I’ve ever met. Seriously.

Don and Carol

Don and Carol are the nicest people. We agreed to meet by the same tree as the previous week. They showed up as promised and brought Don’s delicious homemade beef jerky. It was very good, but a little too spicy for my taste. =P Brian and Armando seemed to really like it.

Brian and Armando

Speaking of who showed up, our group got bigger this time around. Jen and Armando came and shared some mochi ice cream with us. I got to try the mango flavor. It was yummy! Thanks, Jen and Armando!

Armando and Jen


Jay and Becca came out again and joined us also. They didn’t keep us up till midnight this time, though. Thank, God! =P


Jay eating a mochi ice cream ball.


He’s the most entertaining eater ever.


Ronnie and April came out and brought Addison also.


Addison loved watching the geese. It had been a while since I’d seen her so she was very shy toward me. She was hugging on Jay and Becca and I was jealous because I wanted some hugs, too. =P

We had a blast on Thursday. You all definitely need to come out and join us. I think the grills (Don and Jay both have “paper grills”) are getting busted out next week.

P.S. Don’t forget the OFF! Your best bet is probably Walgreens, if you’re coupon users like Brian and me. If you don’t like using coupons and have a Sam’s Club membership, you can get a fan unit and four refills for only $10.48! If you’re not a coupon user and don’t have a Sam’s card, you’ll just have to find a good sale somewhere. =P LOL.

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