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Symphony in the Flint Hills

Posted on June 12, 2010 by under Things to Do.    

Jan and I volunteered to help the Symphony in the Flint Hills on Wednesday. On the way there, we took the Cassoday exit of the turnpike. Driving up, Jan wondered why the toll booth had no windows. We realized why once we got closer. It’s a self-service toll booth. It was the first one I’d ever seen.


It was really neat and would have been great if it actually worked. The machine wouldn’t take Jan’s ticket, though, so it still required human intervention. The man in the vehicle behind us even came out and tried to help and still couldn’t get it to work. Jan finally just had to buzz for help. After all of that, I wondered how many people simply drive off without paying out of frustration. It works in theory, but in reality? Not so much.

Incidentally, this is the only photo I took of the entire day. I figured that we would be hard at work and very busy the entire day so I didn’t even bother. My phone stayed in my purse locked in Jan’s car, several miles away from where I was. Good thing there were no emergencies!

I wish I could have taken pictures, though, because it was simply breathtaking out there on the prairie. When you look all around you and there’s nothing for miles but the lush, green land, it’s just amazing. All I could say was, “Wow!” Darcy got to take pictures when she went to volunteer on Thursday, but she said that the pictures didn’t do the landscape justice. The site that was selected this year is located in Bazaar Township and it’s magnificent.

Every year a different area of the Flint Hills is selected. This is the fifth annual event. I’m sure that previous Symphony in the Flint Hills sites were all equally beautiful.

I really wish that we’d been able to attend this year. Maybe I can convince Brian to go next year.

If you’re curious about what it’s like, visit the official Symphony site and/or check out these links to pictures that people have taken.

First Annual Symphony in the Flint Hills (photos by Cammy2005)
2007 Symphony in the Flint Hills (photos by Vanheckfam)
2008 Symphony in the Flint Hills (photos by Foodperson)
2009 Symphony in the Flint Hills (photos by Jeff Cowell)
More pictures from last year’s Symphony in the Flint Hills event (photos by NatoriousFAT)
More pictures from last year (photos by Mr. Coreyo)
And still more… because there’s tons of pictures of the event on Flickr (photos by Cindi H)
Photos of Green Team volunteers preparing for this year’s Symphony in the Flint Hills event (Westar Energy)

It really looks like a lot of fun. Maybe we’ll see you all there next year?

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