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Bradley Fair Outdoor Concert

Posted on June 5, 2010 by under Date Ideas, Things to Do.    


As luck would have it, we had a beautiful day on Thursday. It was a little hot in the early evening, but as the sun went down, the temperature was perfect. We thought the concert started at 6:30 pm (I’m not sure why I had that time in mind). The performance didn’t actually start until 7:30 pm, so we were an hour early. Typical because we are nerds and are usually thirty minutes to an hour early to everything. =P


It worked out great because we were one of the first ones there. We got the perfect spot across the water from the concert area. It wasn’t so perfect when the sun was still up because it wasn’t as shady as some of the other areas. It was absolutely pefect when the sun was gone, though.


There was a small tree next to us which was the perfect place to rest our bikes. Yup. We were uber nerds and rode our bikes out to Bradley Fair that night.


Brian read his book while we were waiting for the concert to begin. I took pictures, as always.

Ben & Jerry's

We got to meet mom and Tita Esper’s friend Lily, who set up right next to us. She gave us Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Yum! Brian got Chocolate Fudge Brownie flavor and I got Cherry Garcia. These things are neat because they’re the perfect size and they come with a spoon. We also got to have some coffee-flavored Dove mini ice cream bars. Lily was generous and super nice. I think even if we didn’t know the same people, she still would have shared her treats with us.

Brian made friends.

Brian also made friends with this man sitting next to us. He’s a huge classic car afficionado so he and Brian talked about cars most of the evening. He and his wife seemed like good people. I just love all the nice, wonderful people you meet at the Bradley Fair outdoor concerts.

Brian and I decided that we will drive next week and bring goodies to share with the people around us. Also, biking back to our place in the evening was not much fun. That drive in Wilson Estates is quite dark at night and it’s very hard to see. If we ever venture out biking that late in the evening again, we’ll need some headlights for our bikes. I think what made biking back worse was this guy in a Sandals vehicle kept harassing us. He yelled obsecenities at us almost the entire way home. What a weirdo! At one point this crazy whack-job even jumped out of the shadows to startle us. It worked. He scared the bejeezus of out me and I about fell off my bike. I managed to stay on and just kept pedaling my buns off. LOL.

I’m just kidding about the pedophile who was following us home. It was actually Jay. He and Becca joined us at the concert after they finished their mystery shop at Granite City. They kept us up past our bed time. =P

All jokes aside, we had a really good time on Thursday night. Next week will be even better. We will bring lots of food and goodies. We will bring our folding lawn chairs and some extra blankets. We will bring a cooler full of drinks to enjoy throughout the evening. We will bring Citronella or OFF to keep the bugs away. Since we plan on driving, we can bring a ton more stuff. And, best of all, now that we know when the music begins, we’ll try not to be so early.

What about you guys? Wanna join us? See you next Thursday!

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