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Ching is a Whiny Wuss

Posted on January 23, 2010 by under Health, Life.    

Landon (personal trainer) tried to get us to work hard this morning at the gym, but we are way too stubborn and he is way too nice. He probably thinks I’m a whiny wuss because I didn’t want to do a lot of the things he wanted us to do (jumping jacks, push ups, etc) and gave up on most everything else within a few reps. In my defense, our appointment with Landon was at noon and we’d been working out since 9 am. I did an hour of advanced step from 9 to 10 am and then played two hours of racquetball from 10 am to noon. As far as energy went, I was “all tapped out” (which, incidentally is the name of the step class that I do on Saturday mornings – LOL).

I’m hoping that all of our energy was just expended and that’s why everything was so painful and exhausting. We’ll have to try everything that he made us do today again, when we haven’t been working ourselves ragged. If we still can’t do it, then we’re in trouble. Maybe 2010 isn’t the year that we achieve our weight-loss goal after all. =P

I worked so hard today (Landon might not have thought so) that it made me want to go on a diet. I figured I would work out more so I wouldn’t have to give up all the foods I love to eat. However, if I need to work out that hard all the time, the foods I love to eat might not be worth it. LOL.

At this rate, we might be 60 before we get in shape. I told Brian that my mission is for him to wake up one day and not recognize me, kind of like in The Biggest Loser. The people look completely different at the end of the season than the way they look at the beginning. When he wakes up next to me one morning and goes, “Who the heck are you?” I would have achieved my goal.

Brian then goes, “You better hope that when I say that it’s because you’ve really changed and not because I’m senile!” LOL.

I hope we achieve our goals well before we’re in our 60s. Not that I think he will be senile at that point but, if I get to my goal weight this year, at least it’ll be less likely that it’s the latter.

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