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Getting a Workout

Posted on December 6, 2009 by under Health, Life.    


I played racquetball with Ronnie, April and Jay yesterday. Brian had an appointment at Tracy’s Automotive so he dropped me off at the gym at 8:30 AM. Since I was there so early, I went ahead and did 30 minutes of the group fitness class before mine. The group fitness class I like is the All Tapped out step class from 9:00 to 10:00 AM.

We had the racquetball court reserved for three hours. Yes, we are court hogs. =P

Almost halfway through my step class, I thought I would step out (no pun intended) and see who was in the racquetball court. I guess Ronnie and April were running late because Jay was in there by himself playing with Bruce. Yes, he named his racquetball racket. Our friends are weird. Well, maybe just Jay.

I felt bad so I told him that I would grab my stuff from the studio and play with him instead. Ronnie and April showed up before we could finish an entire match. We played doubles instead.

Brian was hoping that he would be done with Tracy’s by 11:00 AM, so that he could play racquetball with us. No such luck. While I was getting a workout, Tracy’s was giving our credit card a workout to the tune of $650. You go in for one thing and you come out spending almost double. That’s pretty much how our luck goes.


Brian feels he got a good deal, though. We got four new tires (with free Nitrogen and free tire rotation for the life of the tires), new brake pads, and an oil change for $650. That’s not too bad, I guess. It could have been worse.

The sad thing is that we just paid our credit card bill (we zero it out each month so we don’t have to pay interest/finance charges) and I think there’s another $1000 in there right now (maybe more; we have been shopping a lot lately). We won’t have another paycheck coming in for another week at least. Did I mention that spending money is my least favorite part of the holidays? Spoken like a true Asian, right? Stereotypes aside, sometimes Brian is worse than I am. We are a couple of frugalistas. LOL.

Jay and I played racquetball until noon. Since Brian was still waiting for the Crichton to get done, Jay just dropped me off at Tracy’s. Thanks, Jay!

Since we were already downtown, Brian and I decided to have lunch at Caffe Moderne. They have the best sandwiches! Probably not the best for you diet-wise, but it’s delicious. I love their honey vinaigrette salad dressing also. Brian was proud of the fact that I resisted the slice triple chocolate bundt cake that was calling my name from the dessert display case. I really wanted it, too. Ugh.

Brian wanted to go home and nap before we went to the holiday party that evening in Hutch. I generally don’t like napping right after eating, but I was fighting the urge to stay awake. I think it’s because I stayed up late on Friday night and woke up at 7:00 AM on Saturday morning. Brian and I napped until 3:00 PM. Brian wanted to nap longer than an hour and a half, but we had to make it to Hutch by 5:30 PM and we still needed to get gas and cash.

Saturday was a full eventful day overall. I wasn’t too happy about napping after lunch because I can just imagine all those food calories being stored as fat as I slept. At least, I skipped the chocolate cake. I just try to remind myself of that so I don’t get too upset. LOL.

I felt bad because Brian had to spend his entire morning at Tracy’s and didn’t get to play racquetball with us. We are playing racquetball together today before my workout class, though. Let’s see if I can beat him this time.

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