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Despite the Weather

Posted on December 20, 2008 by under Food and Drink, Life.    

I made it to the gym at 8:00 AM today despite the cold weather. As soon as I stepped out of the door and felt the cold air, I immediately regretted my plan to work out. I just wanted to stay curled up in bed. I had so many excuses not to go: being on call this weekend and feeling unmotivated and waiting for my FedEx package… None of them worked. Good thing too, because I had a good workout day.

I took it easy in muscle pump and did really light weights. I don’t really push myself in that class. Actually, I’m finding that I haven’t been pushing myself to my full potential lately. That’s another blog, though. I took it easy in both workout classes, but I had a lot of fun. We did our routine backwards in step class. It was very confusing at first, but we all got it in the end. I love that class. It is my favorite. I make it to that class on most Saturdays even though I don’t feel like going to workout all week. It gives me my dancing fix because the instructor’s routine is well choreographed.

I’m really glad I made it to muscle pump because I ran into Kristin, my potential new workout buddy. It turns out she got a job in Minneapolis and is moving in January. So much for that. I am really sad because I really thought that I finally found someone who likes early morning workouts on Saturdays. Our workout buddy relationship ended before we could even get started. Now, I need to find someone else to fill that void. I’m thinking I should post an ad on Craigslist: Overweight Asian Female in search of new Workout Buddy to keep her motivated. =P

On the plus side, my favorite class (the 9:00 AM advanced step class) is moving to 10:30 AM after January 1st so it might be easier to find a new workout buddy because then I don’t have to limit my search to early morning people. You can somewhat sleep in and still make it to a 10:30 AM group exercise class. At least, that should be a lot easier for those who like to party hard on Friday nights. Actually, it should be easier on me as well because I tend to stay up late on Fridays due to our weekly poker thing at Highlands.

By the way, the North YMCA was super crowded today because of the “Breakfast with Santa” event. Ugh. It was horrible. It wasn’t bad early in the morning when I first got there, but leaving was a bit of a challenge. I had to squeeze my way through a sea of people. Although, after they got a wiff of my sweaty stench they all parted like the red sea and I found my way to the door with no problems.

When I arrived home, I found Brian waiting for me all excited. FedEx delivered my Blurb book while I was out. He said it arrived a little after 9:00 AM, but he didn’t want to tell me because he was afraid that I would cut my workout short and run all the way home. He is probably right. I had been anxiously awaiting the book’s arrival since the day I ordered it.

Right now I’m blogging and munching on the cookies Katrine made, effectively ruining my appetite for lunch. Her cookies are so good, though. It’s hard to believe they are homemade. Except they are not as soft as they were the day that Brian first got them. He convinced me that they’re still good, though.

ME: Are you sure these cookies are still good?

BRIAN: Yes. They are perfectly fine.

ME: How come they are hard and not soft and chewy anymore?

BRIAN: Well, they’re stale.

ME: Then why are you letting me eat them?! Don’t you know that stale equals not good?

BRIAN: Just because they’re stale doesn’t mean they’re not good anymore. They’re not moldy, are they?

ME: No, but they are hard.

BRIAN: Then don’t eat them.

ME: But they taste so good.

It’s a sick cookie paradox. You’re damned if you do, and your damned if you don’t. It was easier to leave them alone after I ate all of the chocolate-y ones. Katrine makes awesome cookies. I was going to post a “Thank You” note on her Facebook wall, but couldn’t find her. Brian told me that she unfriended me because I update too much. LOL. =P

Anyway, it’s almost time to shower. Until next time. Have a great weekend!

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