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Germany Day 3

Posted on March 3, 2009 by under Travel.    

Well today was a little better.

I got a lot done on the testing, got some data entered and found some errors that needed to be corrected. I went to lunch today and it was a Chinese place that had a buffet. I stuffed myself with sweet and sour pork and chicken. It was wonderful. This morning I had a Banana, man I never thought a Banana could taste so good. They asked me if I wanted eggs. I said yes and they asked if I wanted hard or Scrambled. I told then fried hard. It came out sunny side up with minced garlic and onions on it. I didnt realise that you could screw up eggs, but yep. Had pizza again for dinner but thats only because I am about to drop. I was invited to join a small poker tourney this evening with the CRm deam but I was just too tired to do it. I would have fallen over on them. Only 10 more days left. I am counting them down. Maybe tomorrow I will get a burger.

More tomorrow, at the moment I can barely keep my eyes open. I am hoping to sleep through th night this time.

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