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Germany Day 4

Posted on March 4, 2009 by under Travel.    

Today was a little better. I got a new room with a solid internet connection. Its not as big as the one I was in but the bed is much softer and the window actually has a curtain to block out the light from outside. For breakfast I actually had Scrambled Eggs that were not too bad. I had to put salt and pepper on them to give them flavor but they were edible. Unlike the eggs I got yesterday. I had 2 bananas and 2 glasses of OJ. So far I have eaten far healthier than I ever did in the states. For lunch I had a big box of French Fries. They use the French term pommes frites here (dammed French), but they were not bad. The Turkish place is being very patient with me. i eat there a lot because its close and they have decent food. Tomorrow I plan to go to a Hamburger place. I was told that it was pretty good. Maybe for dinner I will go to the Turkish place and branch out and try something new. I took a to-go menu and used Lio to translate some of the stuff so I would know what I was eating.

Tonight I went to dinner ate at really nice hotel just on the outside of town. It was a thank you dinner thrown by the SAP team to the IT people in Germany. I am considered the adopted bastard child of the German IT department so I was invited as well. I had a strip steak, cheesy potatoes and European green beans, they are skinnier and tougher then normal green beans, kind of like the Germans, lol.

Everyone but me and one other person had beer. Its the staple in Germany. The dinner was elaborate and heavy which I am finding out is very typical in Germany, but it was good. The best thing I have had since I have been here. I took some pictures of the food which got some laughs form the people I was with. I didn’t let it get to me though. These will be the first real pics of foreign food that we will have on the Foodies site I am sure.

I got into my new room, there will be pictures of that as well. Its OK, its older and smaller than the other one I was in and its noisier then the other one as well. But it has a constant internet connection that I don’t have to steal from the neighbor. I think the guy next to me is snoring, it sounds like someone running a vacuum cleaner. I hope the earplugs I brought will tune that out. I am really sleepy though, maybe I will just pass out and not know the difference (that’s my hope). I knew I would have a trade off. But I needed internet, I could not work without it. And with me waking up at odd hours of the night I figured I could use the connection to get some of the reports done. I want to stay on top of things so I don’t have to do them all back home.

Well I am going to go to bed know after I send an e-mail to my wife. I will detail more of my trip later.

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