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Germany yet another Day

Posted on March 8, 2009 by under Food and Drink, Travel.    

Today was a rainy day and on top of that its Sunday. The town pretty much shuts down. There are a few places that are open, the Turkish place on the corner, the Museum and a few pubs. I decided that I was going to try something new from the Turkish place. I have been eating cheese pizzas since I got here. I figured I needed to branch out. Even if my stomach didn’t like what I put into it. I decided to have a traditional Turkish sandwich.


After that I went to the Museum and looked at the history of Attendorn. I really didn’t understand anything because it was all in German, but I could look at the artifacts and admire the history visually. I would like to have shared some pictures with you all but I got in trouble after three pictures and was told that they do not allow photographs. Well not in so many words, the lady that was at the entry came over to me, pointed at the camera and said “NO” with that ever so popular German authority. One of the few pictures I did get was pretty good.


This was one of my favorite things that I saw. Hand crafted from marble and absolutely beautiful. One of the other things that I was going to take a picture of was some beautifully ornate guns from the 18th century. They were inlaid with ivory and gold and were outstanding in there quality. I was about to take a picture when I noticed a camera pointed at me and two seconds later the other attendant from downstairs came walking in. From this point on I was followed every where I went on every floor in every room. I have not had to be followed since I was a teen. It was kind of funny, the girl was really trying hard to make to look like she was not following me but it was really obvious that she was. Especially since she was still wearing her badge and was carrying a portable phone ( I assume to call the police if I continued to photograph things).

I looked at everything the Museum had to offer and was taken away by the religious section. They had some breath taking statues of Christ and Mary and stained glass crosses that were lit from the inside. It was beautiful. The church across the street and the building that the museum resided in are 2 of the oldest in the town. There are two towers left from the wall that surrounded the city that are still standing as well. But they are a little off the path and kind of hard to get to.

I met some other Viega folks from America on the way back to the hotel. I stopped at a confection store and picked up some German chocolate for Ching. Three of the folks from logistics and Quality came walking in. We talked for a little while. It was nice to speak to people that spoke English. I had told them about the things I had learned about food and what not. They had already run into the receipt problem and were a little concerned. i advised them to just keep track of the stuff they spend and talk it over with there supervisors.

Tomorrow I get a tour of one of the manufacturing facilities. It should be an adventure. We will see if I get to take pictures there. Germans seem to be very against photographs for some reason. I got stairs from people every time I was taking a picture. I don’t understand what is so wrong with a few photos. Its not like the camera steels your soul. Maybe tomorrow when i blog I will have some cool things to share.

I will have my wife post a link to all of the pictures that i have taken on my journey. till next time.

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