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Traveling with the Dills

Posted on July 10, 2011 by under Travel.    

Traveling with the Dills was interesting. Here are pictures of us getting there…

2011-06-29 03.51.13.jpg

2011-06-29 03.52.25.jpg

2011-06-29 04.25.16.jpg

2011-06-29 05.29.44.jpg

2011-06-29 04.08.33.jpg

Breakfast at the Milwaukee airport…

2011-06-29 07.53.59.jpg

Getting on the plane…

2011-06-29 08.25.48.jpg

Wakey, wakey!


Getting around…



Riding around in the subway…





We got to know the MBTA pretty well. After a couple of days, I felt like a local.

2011-07-04 09.39.29.jpg

2011-07-04 10.08.33.jpg

2011-07-04 12.10.09.jpg

This is when we were on our way to Fenway for the ballgame…


2011-07-06 12.25.51.jpg

Charles/MGH is one of our favorite stops!


We got to try all modes of transportation. 🙂


Went through several tunnels on the way to the airport…


2011-07-06 18.22.02.jpg

We didn’t travel together on the way home… Our flights were supposed to be around the same time, but we were flying with Frontier while the Dills were flying with Delta. Their flight was so delayed they ended up getting re-routed so they flew back in to Wichita on July 8 instead.

Brian and I had an exciting time at MCI. When we got back to our car, the battery was completely dead because the dome light was left in the on position. None of us noticed it when we left. Brian didn’t even notice it when he went back to make sure that all the doors were locked. I think it was because we were parked under a light.

Anyway, the lot attendant couldn’t get the car jump started. We ended up calling Phillips 66. Thank God they were still open. The Phillips 66 guy said that he would come out to try and jump start the car, but it would cost $35 no matter what. Even if the car would not start, we’d still owe the fee. At this point we were praying that it would work because we really didn’t want to buy a new battery (Bebot’s battery was just replaced last year so it’s still pretty new). The guy arrived and was able to get the car started. We were so happy that we gave him $40!

The drive home was interesting because both of our phones were dead and Brian wouldn’t let me plug in the charger for fear that it might drain the battery. When we got gas, he didn’t even turn the car off because he was afraid that it might not start back up again. It was an interesting drive home with no radio, no phones and no AC. At least it was a nice night so we were able to just roll the windows down.

I think it was almost 3 AM by the time we arrived home. So glad I didn’t have to go to work the next day!

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